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Remember When: A Community Review for April 14, 2021

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

April 18, 2021

25 years ago: April 17, 1996

The Leavenworth Fishing Lake received a visit from some feathered travelers last week. On April 9, a flock of roughly 30-40 pelicans landed on the lake for a springtime rest. “This is the most I’ve seen for a couple of years,” said Kansas Department of Wildlife Officer Larry Lentz.

Lentz, who has been stationed at the lake for about 21 years stated that the birds were a common sight around this time of the year.

He explained that the lake was on their path as they migrated from the south (where had spent their winter) to the north (where they will spend their summer).

Drivers with a heavy foot will have one more thing to slow down for while passing through Tonganoxie on U.S. Highway 24-40. The bridge to the south of Daylight Doughnuts has been narrowed to two tight lanes to allow for heavy construction in a culvert to the west. The bridge has always been an area of slower traffic. Children cross the highway directly south of the bridge, and the speed regularly changes from 30-20 mph when a crossing guard turns on a blinking light before and after school.

50 years ago: April 16, 1971

National Library Week was celebrated locally at Tonganoxie City Library with an open house.

The Legislature adopted and exceeded in some cases Gov. Docking’s economy-minded position in budget request.

The Star-Trek Red Ball Jets tennis shoe was available at Zoellner’s.

Leavenworth Mutual is selling Kansas City Royals baseball tickets, making it the first time major league baseball tickets were available in Leavenworth County.

Olathe Farm Equipment was advertising in the Mirror a new 21 HP diesel Kubota compact tractor for $2,150.

The new mechanical Hi-Lift Jack capable of 3 1/2 tons of lifting was available at George Bigelow’s Welding Shop.

75 years ago: April 11, 1946

Wait a week and the plan changes, again. It seems that the half clover leaf connecting Main to the highway, suggested by the Kansas Road Engineers, is no longer an alternative. The grade is not right, it’s too expensive and the state has no authorization to install an underpass or cloverleaf when it concerns township roads. So, back to the drawing boards.

There is some discussion about installing new tennis courts somewhere in the area. This comes years after the courts west of our high school on Third Street were abandoned. If interested, contact Dude Wilson.

Deputy Sheriff Hoey intercepted a nice Cadillac with five cases of gin on the highway east of Tonganoxie. It had Iowa tags and was headed for Fort Riley. Might make some quick cash with a haul like that. Reports are that whiskey is selling for $89 a quart in England.  

Want to feel like you have a maid in the house? Then get your new gas range with many automatic features. It will cook entire meals while you are miles away or just enjoying some time at home. Contact The Gas Service Company for details.

April 14-20 is the official Clean Up Kansas campaign with neighbors raking, burning and gathering trash and debris. With the housing shortage that we have, we cannot afford to lose any homes in town.

100 years ago: April 14, 1921

Did you ever notice the work of the Papenhausen boy on the window of his father’s restaurant? It is a very creditable work of cartoons and sign writing for one of his age.

Mrs. Will Cronemeyer and Lee Freeman as delegates from the Christian Church are attending the Northeast District Convention at Lawrence on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week.

New City Council members were sworn in Monday and immediately got down to business. They propose to sink the big well as fast as possible by getting the machinery necessary to do the work.

The first expenditure of the new Council was for 500 feet of new hose for the fire department, paying 95 cents per foot.

Following are the committees appointed by Mayor Heynen: Waterworks, J. Christensen, EH Skaggs and Geo. Seufert; Ways and Means, Geo. Seufert, JA Casanova, Ivan Sechrest and EH Skaggs; Streets and Sanitation, Ivan Sechrest, J. Christensen and Geo. Seufert; Fire Dept., EH Skaggs, Ivan Sechrest and JA Casanova; Ordinances, Geo. Seufert, JA Casanova and J. Christensen.

125 years ago: April 16, 1896

MH Berry has built a paint shop on the rear of his blacksmith shop.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Brown are stopping in Tonganoxie and will soon leave to join a Turner Shaker Medicine Co. In Nebraska.

If your boys have marbles, don’t let them play for “keeps.” It is the first step in gambling.

The retiring city council closed up business for the year last Monday. Bills aggregating $95.80 were allowed. The bond of Mayor-elect Henry Metz was read and approved by the council.

which body then adjourned. Metz then administered the oath to newly elected councilmen and called the new council to order.

The following appointments were than announced by the Mayor: City marshal, street commissioner and lamp lighter, AA Moody; Assistant marshal, FM Lawrence; Policeman, Lewis Carper; Treasurer, W. Laming Jr.; City clerk, William Heynen.

The appointments were all confirmed by the council.

The ways and means committee were instructed to check up the treasurer’s and clerk’s accounts and report at the next meeting.

The council than adjourned until this evening at 8 o’clock.


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