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Remember When: A Community Review for Aug. 25, 2021

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

August 25, 2021

25 years ago: Aug. 28, 1996

The old-fashioned draft horse pull, which was canceled on the last day of the 1996 Leavenworth County Fair, was canceled again on the re-scheduled date of Aug. 23.

Helen Schilling wrote that the Good Shepherd Thrift shop could use some groceries So when you go to the store add some extra items to drop off for those in need. They are running low on almost everything, according to Mrs. Shirley Sheaffer, Supervisor.

Originally begun to supply the large volume of paint which their contract painting service used, Patterson Paint has pledged to make a welcome addition to the paint suppliers of Tonganoxie.

Located at 520 E. Fourth St., next door to the post office, Ballard Patterson, part-owner, assures that “if it’s been painted in the 70’s or 80’s in Lenexa, then there’s a good possibility someone named Patterson painted it.”

50 years ago: Aug. 19, 1971

The Leavenworth County Fair has started and more than 8,000 cars have passed the U.S. Highway 16 and U.S. Highway 24-40 crossroads. Even with expanded parking space the local neighborhoods have bumper to bumper parked cars.

The biggest Hereford steer and smallest goat ever seen in the state of Kansas showed up in the parade. Over seventy-five horses came down from Easton from the Saddle club. The Mirror had multiple pages of Fair Parade photos that included the Shriners, the marching band and the occasional vintage car. 

Evans Real Estate was advertising 2 acres near Tonganoxie with 2 cabins and a garage for $2,000.

Southwestern Bell’s third of a page advertisement was promoting long distance calling as way of saying “I love you” that cost less than an in-person visit.

75 years ago: Aug. 29, 1946

Recent polio cases in Leavenworth have delayed the opening of schools by one week. Our local grade and high schools will follow this recommendation and will open schools on Monday, Sept. 8. Please note the change.

Fair Week is here and with it some pleasant weather! This will be the 20th fair and it looks to be a great event with three days and nights of entertainment and presentations. Gas rationing is off so the fair board is expecting a bigger crowd than our war years. We usually average about 10,000 to 15,000 people but hope for better attendance now.

The first fair was held by the Tonganoxie ag teacher, Mr. Williamson. There was a good corn crop in the year of 1926 and he and his students lined a frame building with corn. To the surprise of everyone, hundreds of farmers turned out.  And so was born our county fair.

A set of false teeth was found on Fourth Street sidewalk by Hervey Quisenberry who promptly turned over to the authorities. It seems the choppers belonged to one of two strange women who created quite a commotion on Thursday night. They were thought to be drug addicts from Kansas City who were here for who knows what. Likely won’t be difficult to find the toothless owner.

James Munro Zoellner will receive special honor and recognition by the University of Kansas. He and 247 other service men and women will be remembered with a campanile or bell tower that will stand above Mount Oread.  Zoellner was killed in our world conflict.

100 years ago: Aug. 25, 1921

From the Oskaloosa Independent: When Judge Wendorf returns and opens court, attorneys for the L and T will move to dissolve the temporary restraining order and proceed with filing an appeal to the Supreme Court. The intent of the law and the purpose of the people and the legislature are so apparent that it is hoped the Supreme Court will give a favorable decision.

As to the Kansas City connection, in case these legal measures fail, L.C. Cass has written he has not slightest objection to the L and T using the KCNW tracks, but that nothing can be done until a successor to Judge Hook is appointed and takes his place and passes on this. There is practically unanimous desire on the part of the people of this county to divert the freight and passenger traffic to Kansas City.

The last legislature made too small an appropriation for the State Highway Commission, and the force in the Highway Engineer’s office is too small to keep up with the work placed before it. Owing to this condition, the engineering force has been delayed in passing on the Pleasant street paving in Tonganoxie, but Mr. MW Watson State Highway engineer, stated to our city officials early last week, that his office would take up the Pleasant street paving in about 10 days.

The delay has been caused by the small appropriation for road work made by the last legislature and is not the fault of any officials.

125 years ago: Aug. 27, 1896

A Long Island boy has invented a compound bicycle and balloon which flies. No danger of collision when scorching on this wheel.

A feather boa of really good quality is always good style and is a useful accessory to the summer outfit of the maiden who affects gowns slightly open at the throat.

An effort is being made to create a joint school district five miles west of here. The proposed district is to take in parts of the O’Neill and Woodstock districts of Jefferson County and parts of Stanwood and Mound in this county. If the new district is created the Stanwood school would have to be moved north and the Mound south. The Mound district comprises more territory than any district in the county. The proposed district has some ardent supporters and some equally as ardent opponents.

Edminster Items – Miss Minola Leighty is visiting one of her Holton schoolmates near Kansas City.


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