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Remember When: A Community Review for Dec. 1, 2021

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

December 1, 2021

25 years ago: Dec. 4, 1996

On Thursday, Dec. 5, the annual Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony and presentation will take place at Glen’s Opry. Aside from the usual speech from Tonganoxie Mayor Herb Robbins and join-in Christmas carols, a group of Basehor, Linwood, McLouth and Tonganoxie youngsters will present a 15-minute Christmas skit.

Aimed at a general audience of all ages, the skit will be held on the stage at Glen’s Opry. “I hope we have a lot of people; it will encourage the kids a lot,” said Peaches Joles, the Jarbalo resident who heads the performers along with Janet Angell.

Mrs. Mildred Sparks will celebrate her 80th birthday on Dec. 8 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

High school officials are planning to link the school district to the information super-highway. The school would be charged roughly $160 per month. Rough cost estimate of the entire system for the high school is around $5,000, but school officials hope to offset that cost with a Carl Perkins grants for $3,000.

50 years ago: Dec. 2, 1971

There had already been three different snow falls and a fourth was predicted for this day prompting concerns of a bad winter in the making.

The Jaycees has set up the Christmas lights on fourth street adding to the festive appearance with the snow falls.

Connie Putthoff’s front page photo with Postmaster John White and 53 cans of candy for local servicemen put together by the Girl Scouts went out on December 1st.

Emery Feed Store’s large advertisement for Purina Farrowing Chow with a large sow photo and all the merits of the product exceeded the print size of most weekly ads.

6-month savings certificates were yielding 5.25% at Leavenworth Mutual. 

75 years ago: Nov. 28, 1946

A Tonganoxie Lieutenant Commander, Don L. Jacka, stationed in Seattle, Washington landed a giant Navy R5-D spymaster using just radar. Up until this point this technology was kept secret, but the news is out now, and our hometown boy was able to guide the aircraft safely to the ground using just talk to land approaching aircraft on foggy airfields.

The schools are out for the remainder of the week in celebration of our second peacetime Thanksgiving. Economic conditions are not great, but people are happy. The VFW held a dance at the high school and shops all around town are closed so families can join and give thanks for what they have. The annual Turkey Day game between Kansas and Missouri is taking place today in Columbia, Missouri. Go Jayhawks and Tigers.

Tonganoxie made the national airwaves again over the WREN signal. Ted Malone, New York City broadcaster was telling about a guy in New York who has a newsstand where you can buy papers from “…Peoria, Illinois, Peabody or Tonganoxie, Kansas.”  

Our fair city is in a bit of a pickle right now as the State Board of Health has deemed our city dump “condemned.” The Tonganoxie Creek on the east edge of town has been, for years our go to place for ashes, tin cans and trash. But in recent years, residents have dumped dead chickens, dead dogs and cats. Our city council will have to decide, but in the meantime, recommendations are that we dig a hole in the backyard and bury our refuse. 

The Royal Theatre will show “Along the Navajo Trail” starring Roy Rogers, Gabby Hayes, Dale Evans and Trigger.”

100 years ago: Dec. 1, 1921

The high taxes this year gave a staggering blow to the farmers who have just gone through a season of but little remuneration for their work. Meetings so far held have singled out the Fort-to-Fort Road as the lone goat in the high tax discussion, but the Tonganoxie Commercial Club deemed it but proper that a review of that road project both of construction and financing, be made so that the taxpayers of the county may be better informed on that project than they seem at present to be.

The Club, composed of taxpayers and some landowners along the road whose rental from their farms this year is less than the taxes imposed on the property, appointed a committee a few days ago, to present a statement to the taxpayers of the county to dispel some erroneous impressions. As the member of the Club live along the highway, and some of its members have watched the project closely from the time of its origination to the present, such a statement will have the advantage of first-hand knowledge and not based on idle rumor, gossip and guesses, and the Committee thus presents this statement with the hope that it will be closely scrutinized and verified by such records as may be available.

The Fort-to-Fort Road connects the county seats of Shawnee, Douglas, Leavenworth and Wyandotte counties in the most direct manner, and furnishes a large portion of the people of each county a hard surface road to the county seat. Leavenworth County has in construction and finished between 27 and 28 miles of road which connects the cities of Leavenworth, Lansing, Basehor, Tonganoxie, and Reno. The new road serves about 75 per cent of the population of Leavenworth County with a hard surfaced road. The pavement is 18 feet wide, eight inches thick in the center and six inches thick at the edges with earth shoulders of five feet on each side, making the roadbed 28 feet wide.

The substantial character of the construction of the road is not generally realized, nor are people in general aware how closely the construction of the road is the most important consideration in determining the length of service the road will give, and the citizens along the road have closely watched paving work.

125 years ago: Dec. 3, 1896

The cases against the four joint keepers, Abe Lash, Jake Lash, Jake Pierce and Tom Breese were dismissed Saturday without prejudice, leaving it open for new cases in the same evidence. J.H. Wendorf appeared for the local coterie of law breakers. He asked for the dismissal of the cases as the papers were irregularly drawn. The motion was sustained by Justice Pearson.

W.C.Ehrhart, the prosecuting witness, had been informed before the complaint was filed, that his papers were irregularly drawn, in fact, an attorney gave him a proper form which he rejected.


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