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Remember When: A Community Review for Dec. 8, 2021

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

December 10, 2021

25 years ago: Dec. 11, 1996

We have heard several comments about the Christmas lights in the Tonganoxie community. Shows there is an appreciation for all the effort and expense it takes to decorate a Christmas time. The Tonganoxie Chamber of Commerce will be showing some appreciation with prize money for the best decorations this year. The High School art students will be judges and we will of course publish the winners names in The Mirror.

Jarbalo Jottings – Dorothy Ehart and Bob and Boots Cleavinger of Stranger Valley Grange 11 attended the monthly meeting and covered dish meal of Boling Unity Grange Friday evening.

50 years ago: Dec. 9, 1971

The Christmas decorations around town now included the blue and red stars on the both sides of the water tower.

The Post office hours were extended on Saturdays before Christmas.

Lenahan’s Hardware Grand Opening was scheduled for December 11 with refreshments, prizes and balloons.

A Fire School for all the local schools was held at the High School by the State Fire Marshal.

Gambles of Leavenworth had a large advertisement in the Mirror for famous Cosco TV tray sets of 4 in a variety of styles including patterned fiberglass, vinyl, and metal. 

Valley Falls – Don St. Clair swerved his car north of town to miss a coyote and his car hit a ditch and turned upside down. The coyote was OK, but Don had a bad cut over his right eye. The car was a total wreck.

75 years ago: Dec. 5, 1946

Three young gents from our fine city are hoping to raise enough cash for a social club in Tonganoxie. The three, Jack Emerson, Bob Oakson, and Bill Yonally, aim to establish a regular weekly dance with good bands, bowling teams for a league and roller rink rental. They believe that Tonganoxie needs some good wholesome entertainment on Saturday nights. If interested, please donate.

The Big Turnip Derby continues with two of Pat Lenahan’s grandkids pulling up some whoppers. One weighed 5 pounds and the other came in 1/2 pound larger. They were both 23 inches in circumference. With our news from a couple of weeks ago, it seems like we know how to grow vegetables around here.

Zellner Mercantile is offering hunting coats, men’s tools and pyrex ware at great prices for the Christmas season.

The Holman Sewing Machine Company in Kansas City Missouri is offering service to treadle sewing machine owners. They can electrify your machine into an electric, cabinet, or portable.

Union Pacific has curtailed all passenger train service due to the coal strike. By limiting the citizen travel, cars can be freed up to transport freight and the limited coal supply. Consult your agent for schedule changes and service now available.

Funville will be at the Royal Theatre on Tuesday, December 10 with “A Show for the Whole Family.” Clowns, jesters, horses, and egg laying roosters will be in town for just one night. Tickets are $.50 for adults and $.25 for children. 

100 years ago: Dec. 8, 1921

NOTICE TO GAS CONSUMERS - Positively no discount after the 10th of the month. Gas will be shut off on all bills not paid by the 15th. All bills payable at the J.C. Laming and Son office, Tonganoxie Gas and Electric Co.

Another Early Settler Passes – Catarrhal pneumonia proved fatal to Mrs. Sophie Halsted last Friday forenoon, after a ten days’ sickness, and thus passed one of the pioneers whose life has been a worthy example and inspiration to the many who knew her the long span of years she lived in Leavenworth County. The final summons came in 85th year, the ripe old age but few are spared to achieve.

Dr. Coe reports the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. James Pearson, Nov. 29 and a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kramer on Dec. 5.

Ad – Don’t let your car freeze up this winter. Get alcohol at Zellner’s for 65 cents per gallon. Hood and Radiator Covers for Fords only $4.

Stranger – Mrs. Otto Freienmuth spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Still.

125 years ago: Dec. 10, 1896

The case against Charles and Annie Lamborn and Thos. Davenport for murdering J.T. Lamborn near Fall Leaf, February 17th, was called for trial in the district court Monday, and was postponed a day because of the absence of the leading witnesses, Detective Shafer and Mrs. Watson. Tuesday, the witnesses had not yet appeared, and County Attorney Rutherford asked for a postponement of the case until the next term of court. The attorneys for the defense objected, and the county attorney then asked that the case be dismissed without prejudice. Judge Myers sustained the motion, and the defendants were set free.

County Attorney Rutherford adopted the wisest plan in dismissing the case. The way matters now stand if any evidence comes to light showing the guilt of the defendants, they may be re-arrested and tried having never been placed in jeopardy for the offense.

At the preliminary examination of the Lamborns and Davenport last July, it was apparent that the state did not have sufficient evidence to convict. The state was relying upon the testimony of a so-called Detective Shafer to convict the prisoners, but the evidence of this man given at the preliminary trial was of the flimsiest character. Shafer testified that a certain Mrs. Watson had stated to him that Annie Lamborn had a confession to her, but this Mrs. Watson could never be located. Shafer promised to produce Mrs. Watson at the trial but did not even produce himself. Shafer is probably one of those numerous Smart Alecks imagining himself a second Allan Pinkerton and worked upon his imagination to secure a reward for the conviction of the Lamborns and Davenport.

The dismissal of the case does not clear the arrested parties from suspicion, but many of the neighbors have always believed them innocent of the horrible charge. J.T. Lamborn had many enemies and some of these might have committed the crime for revenge.


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