Mobile generator, electrical work approved at regular meeting

Tonganoxie has eclipsed a population of 5,500, according to estimates recently released. The next official county will come with the 2020 U.S. Census. Enlarge photo

January 6, 2021

The council approved the purchase of a lift station mobile generator from CK Power for $59,927 and preparations for connection of the generators to the lift stations from Capital Electric Construction for $11,990.

Both were low bids.

Multiquip, Inc., also submitted a bid for the mobile generator, while Lynn Electric and Communications and Davin Electric also submitted connection bids.

The Public Works Department requested approval to purchase a mobile generator to service the city’s seven lift station facilities in the event of an electrical power failure or interruption. As City Manager George Brajkovic explained during Monday’s meeting, the need for the equipment stems from the risk of power loss.

The lift station can’t effectively collect wastewater at a low elevation point in the utility’s collection network if its without power. In turn, it can’t pump it to a higher elevation to serve the next gravity line to the wastewater treatment facility.

Extended failures or outages, whether at one or multiple lift stations, could cause sewer backups into homes or cause wastewater to overflow into the environment surrounding the lift stations.

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