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Remember When: A Community Review for June 30, 2021

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

June 30, 2021

25 years ago: July 3, 1996

On Friday, June 21, the Federal Emergency Management Agency was present to inspect the progress of the Tonganoxie City Park project in progress at the former location of Sturgeon’s Wheel Estate.

The High Noon Saloon, Leavenworth, has come up with a well-made brew with a down home taste, where Tonganoxie Honey Wheat Beer is on tap and chilled for the pallet. R.D. Johnson, a retired lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army, acts as a business partner with Cindy Shulenberg, and is the one in charge of the brewing. He decided to name one of his beers after Tonganoxie for the honey which he uses in the fermentation process of the beer. The honey is grown in and around the Tonganoxie area and is obtained from a Tonganoxie woman named Melissa Ostermeyer.

Winter wheat harvested is short this summer. Too little rain early in the season may have stunted growth, and too much rain later in the season may allow weeds to grow and make harvesting difficult.

50 years ago: July 1, 1971

A real love affair started in 1934 – Carl Barnhart and a Nash automobile. Now retired, Mr. Barnhart has acquired this beautiful 1934 Nash in near vintage condition – and the love affair continues.

Fairmount — Orville Edmonds returned from a 10-day vacation trip to Denver, where he visited friends. He traveled by jet.

A graduate of Tonganoxie High School, Linda Denholm, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Denholm, Tonganoxie, has been invited to participate in the Kansas State University College of Home Economics honors program.

75 years ago: June 27, 1946

Disappointing news for the youngsters, again this year, as the city has banned all fireworks. The reason for this ban, which covers the downtown district only, is due to the danger posed two years ago when fireworks were discharged at the street dance. Fireworks are allowed to be sold July 3 and 4 only and to be lighted on the same two days. Many of our young men have recently returned from war conflict and the slightest explosion, no matter how innocent, can be cause for a lot of embarrassment to these young warriors. Keep that in mind and shoot your fireworks outside of the city limits.  

We have officially posted a job for a city watchman to keep an eye on the city after 10 PM. Hours are daily and will conclude at 9AM each morning. Pay will be yearly or every six months, depending on the status of the account and need.  

Young woman heard on the street “Sorry, soldier, but I never go out with perfect strangers.” The GI replied, “Don’t worry about that babe. I ain’t perfect!”

The city has given approval for an old-fashioned street dance sponsored by the VFW to take place on the evening of July 4. The dance will begin a 8 PM on Delaware Street and should, by all accounts, be a lot of fun. In the past, our street dances have brought in close to 10,000 people so it’s likely this will be just as big.

This is our first street dance in peacetime for many years. Happy Fourth of July and Hurrah for the Red, White and Blue!

Jerry Deaton will deliver “The Lawrence Journal World” newspaper every day to your home for $.80 a month.  Call him at home.

100 years ago: June 30, 1921

F.H. Harris, who is working on the new Reno school building, returned to his work Monday after a weekend at his parental home.

H. Cronemeyer is painting the wood work of the Tonganoxie State Bank exterior. They have had a new door put in the front, which is a big improvement and very artistic looking.

Fred Angell is having the interior of his barber shop redecorated and also the front painted. Clifford Peters is doing the work.

Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Mark went to Kansas City Monday via Lawrence, where Mr. Mark will undergo an operation at the Swedish hospital after a couple of days rest and taking X-ray examinations.

Ford Parts were priced as follows: Champion X spark plugs .65; Champion X porcelains .35; Front springs $3.00; Back springs $3.00; Brake shoes per pair .75; Spark plug wires per set .30; Wire wheels per set $70.00; Top covers roadster $5.50; Transmission lining .80.

125 years ago: July 2, 1896

A meeting was called of the citizens of Tonganoxie and vicinity for the purpose of effecting an organization of a branch Law and Order League, of the State Temperance Union. The meeting was called to order by W.C. Ehrhart, and the opening service consisted of a short song service and prayer. Officers for the evening were chosen as follows: President, W.C. Ehrhart; secretary, Mrs. R. Gardner.

After a number of short talks, the president stated that he had had thorough correspondence with the state secretary of this organization and had secured the constitution and other literary helps necessary to complete organization. After a call for the pleasure of the meeting, a motion was made and carried in favor of effecting an organization at this time. Nine signatures as members were given. Officers were chosen as follows: Pres, W.C. Ehrhart; Vice Pres, M.I. Younger; Sec. Mrs. R. Gardner; Treas. J.D. Hollingsworth. The meeting adjourned until next Saturday evening at 8 o”clock, at the Friends church.

The programme of exercises for next Saturday’s Fourth of July celebration is not yet definitely arranged, but it will be varied and interesting. The parade will be the interesting feature of the forenoon. It will take place about ten o’clock and will be laughable and interesting. Costumes will be as varied as at a Karnival Krewe parade, and those who want to join have an invitation to fall in up to the time of starting.

In the afternoon, the Woodmen will have charge of the exercises, which will consist of music, recitations, etc. Hon. Frank Herald, of Topeka, will deliver an address.

Ice water will be in plenty, and if that is too tame, the stands will supply lemonade, ice cream, etc.

Besides stands, the shooting gallery, the terpsichorean platform and baseball throwing will tempt the nickels, and the various competitive races will interest the people. A baseball game will be played in the afternoon between Tonganoxie and Glenwood.

A case of carefully selected fireworks have been sent for, and the display will take place in the evening, probably on the grounds, but this is not certain.


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