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Lansing inmate found guilty in aggravated escape case

The Leavenworth County Justice Center at 601 S. Third St., Leavenworth

The Leavenworth County Justice Center at 601 S. Third St., Leavenworth

October 13, 2021

A Lansing Correctional Facility inmate was found guilty of aggravated escape earlier last week in Leavenworth County District Court.

Dustin Frank Robinson, 32, was found guilty Oct. 4.

According to a release from the Leavenworth County Attorney’s Office, on July 3, 2019, Robinson was an inmate being held in the LCF minimum security facility. Around 9:30 p.m. that day, Robinson left the building and proceeded to scale a 20-foot fence with two sections of barbed wire and then ran from the facility, according to the release. Robinson admitted to running and walking 10 miles until feeling “woozy” from the cut to his hand that he stopped at a laundry mat and called 911 to go to the hospital. Kansas City, Kan., police and investigators from the Lansing Correctional Facility found him at Providence Medical Center. Robinson spent 9 hours out of the facility.

“An escape can be very scary for a community,” said Todd Thompson, county attorney. “We are grateful this didn’t last very long. Even with him calling 911, so many people put in a lot of time and energy to find him. We are thankful to all those who helped in the apprehension and conviction.”


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