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Remember When: A Community Review for Oct. 13, 2021

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

October 13, 2021

25 years ago: Oct. 9, 1996

Tonganoxie high school football was treated twice for Friday’s Homecoming, hosting Kansas City football star Marcus Allen and winning a victory over cross highway rivals, Basehor-Linwood, beating the Bobcats 30-13. Allen, co-owner of Marcus Allen Ford, Tonganoxie, made a cameo appearance at Beatty Field to crown the Queen, Jenny Walker.

The Leavenworth County Health Department (LCHD) always starts administering the flu vaccine during the beginning of October. They will continue to give the shots through November. The vaccine, which is given through injection, is most potent for the first six months into the season. It takes about two weeks for the body to produce enough antibodies to the vaccine’s virus in order to be effective. This is one reason the flu shots are given before the flu season actually hits.

A second trip into the old Soviet Union was just completed by Wayne Davidson from Tonganoxie. Wayne traveled to the Ukraine with 18 other people from International Board of Jewish Missions in Chattanooga, Tenn. They left Atlanta on Sept. 2 flying to Vienna, Austria, from there on to Kiev in the Ukraine. Their mission was to take Bibles, over 5,000, for distribution.

50 years ago: Oct. 14, 1971

A photo showed candidates for Homecoming Queen, being held this weekend at Tonganoxie High School. They are Sally Watson, Melanie Robbins, and Roxie McGraw.

Valley Falls – Elmer McComas will observe his 100th birthday October 11. Asked about his schooling, he said he went to Bloomfield, eight miles southwest of Valley Falls. He didn’t know what grade. “You just went to school until you quit or got too old.”

Chapter AT, P.E.O. was represented at Supreme Convention in Detroit, Mich., by their president, Ferry Evans. As a delegate, she also represented Bonner Springs and two Kansas City Chapters.

75 years ago: Oct. 10, 1946

Jarbalo residents, lock your doors and cars and be alert for a “wild” woman who is roaming at large. Several sightings have been reported of a stocky, shorter woman who seems to be showing up in darkness and checking out car doors. Last week, a bachelor returned home, removed his shoes and socks, and lay down to take a nap. He claimed that he awoke to find this disheveled woman leaning over his head, combing his hair with one shoe and holding a knife with the other. He jumped up and ran out of the house to a neighbor’s property. The authorities are aware of these reports and are investigating.

Isn’t this the truth-just when you are about to make ends meet, someone moves the ends!

The mayor and chief of police of Leavenworth have ended up in federal court in Topeka for importing liquor into a dry state. Carl Kirmayer, mayor and Roy Murray, chief of police were indicted for allowing Tom J. Peet, Leavenworth bootlegger to pass liquor through our state without incident. The question is now, since the prosecution has had this information for several months, why was it not brought to the attention of the paper and citizens until a few weeks before an election. One “dry” supporter commented, “We’re not going to defend a Republican official if gets into trouble, nor criticize a Democrat for enforcing the law”.

The Community Club is hoping to sponsor another Halloween event similar to last year’s where merchants and townsfolk could be outside for the evening. Searches are on for some lighting for the football field.

Tonganoxie Police Department offers this notice to bicycle riders to have a head light and taillight, not to ride on sidewalks in business section, do not follow fire trucks, do not ride too fast and do not leave bikes on sidewalks.

100 years ago: Oct. 13, 1921

It is reported that last Monday evening an engine with a crew of two men came out from Kansas City over the Northwestern and went as far as McLouth. The engine crew said they were looking over and testing the track in preparation for the running of motor driven trucks with trailers.

It is said that two young men have been soliciting business for a venture of the nature described about. Personally, we did not meet the parties. It is possible for service of this nature to be carried on over the Northwestern if permission could be secured from the receiver to use the property.

There is a rumor out of Lincoln, Nebraska, that the Santa Fe has had men over the line noting the conditions with the idea of acquiring the road and extending it to Lincoln and possibly to Omaha. Personally, we think the only hope for the Northwestern will be through the efforts of Mr. Cass.

125 years ago: Oct. 15, 1896

Republicans will have their second rally tonight. Previous arrangements have been departed from, and our people will not hear W.J. Bailey. Last week, Mr. Bailey was sent to the seventh congressional district to make speeches, hence he will not speak in Tonganoxie tonight. However, Ed. F. Jones, of Holton, will deliver an address. He ranks among the best political speakers in the state. The county candidates will also be present at tonight’s meeting. The band will furnish music at the meeting this evening.

The stockholders of the Creamery Association held another meeting Saturday afternoon, in Laming’s Hall and made a change in the by-laws. Committees were appointed in blocks of four to solicit the $800 yet required, so the creamery will not start in debt. These committees are now at work, and it is to be hoped that the amount needed will be soon forthcoming. The delay would not have occurred had not the butter maker first employed backed out of his agreement to take a large block of stock.


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