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Remember When: A Community Review for Sept. 22, 2021

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

September 22, 2021

25 years ago: Sept. 18, 1996

A second-grade teacher at Tonganoxie Elementary School will be teaching students about reptiles and amphibians with the help of an educational kit from the University of Kansas Natural History Museum in Lawrence. The teacher, Sarah Kettler, will work out of a trunk containing preserved frogs, turtles, snakes and salamanders. Also included for study are skeletons, a snake-skin and a turtle shell.

Glen Smith of Glen’s Opry asked for support and prayers in a letter to the editor. “On Tuesday, Oct. 1, a Kincaid Motor Coach, loaded with Glen’s Opry fans will be going to Warrensburg, Mo. To participate in the CCMA Awards Show. We will not only be representing Tonganoxie, but the state of Kansas. Last year, after we won some major awards, the most asked question was, ‘Who is Glen’s Opry and where in the world is Tonganoxie, Kan.’

They now believe Tonganoxie is the Country Music Capital of Kansas.”

Cellular One had a large ad in the Mirror this week – The Answer is Within Your Reach. When any small detail threatens to cause you a BIG inconvenience…relax. Now, at any time, and rom almost anywhere, Cellular One cellular service makes it easy to call or be called by anyone: your family, your business or your friends. Cellular One lets you speak with teachers or coaches, times and locations, or phone ahead about weather conditions. And it can all happen from the front seat of your vehicle.

50 years ago: Sept. 23, 1971

The descendants of Will Wiley, Dick Wiley, Arthur Wiley, Lemuel Wiley and Candace Hoffman will hold their annual reunion on Sunday, Oct. 3, at the 4-H building in Tonganoxie at 12:30 p.m.

Smoke Signals by J.M.N. – To a very special friend, Olie Babcock, a very happy birthday. We hope you have at least a million more!

Jarbalo – Mr. and Mrs. George Stiglmire attended the golden anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Logan Sunday at the Salt Creek Valley School.

Basehor High News – Amidst rain, fog, and darkness, Danny Hubbel, co-senior editor of the Bobcat, and Jeff Wright, Breeze editor, traveled to Manhattan Saturday, Sept. 18 to attend the annual high school journalism conference.

75 years ago: Sept. 19, 1946

OPA, the government pricing organization is causing country wide chaos for restaurants. The order lifts the regulations on food supplies and prices and can cause mom and pop shops, diners and larger eating establishments a big headache. Prices are going up quickly, supplies are very low and the owners are taking a hit. Our local eating establishments include Papenhausen Cafe, Snack Shop, Musil’s Bakery and Siegert’s Cafe are in line to close along with many other places across the country. This will present an enormous problem for our local workers who will have no place to get a hot meal during the workday. Resentment is building and farmers are holding livestock off the market in order to protest.

A light polio case is being reported in a 13 month old baby from Reno. Gerald Dwyer reportedly showed a weakness in his left leg and is beginning to improve with treatments and therapy.

The foreman of Haigwood Quarry was hurt last week when he was run over by a rock truck. Roland Meegan suffered a broken pelvis in two places and will require lots of healing time.

Frank Carlson, Republican candidate for governor of Kansas will stop in Tonganoxie, Linwood, Basehor, Lansing and Leavenworth to campaign for office. This is a very unprecedented early stumping style with hopes to fight for the office in Topeka.

Champions IGA has loads of fresh grapes, cucumbers, potatoes and onion on sale this week. Also available is canned sauerkraut and canned fancy spinach.  

100 years ago: Sept. 22, 1921

The Campaign that we have conducted this summer for cleaner milk has been very gratifying with the large majority of our patrons and we have been very patient in urging everyone to market clean milk, but as there are a few who are persistently negligent and careless with their milk we have decided that after two consecutive dirty or filthy scores we will discontinue buying their milk.

When milk is unclean there is always a cause for it and we are at all times willing to assist in tracing the trouble but it is our intention to continue using the sediment test each day and we demand clean milk from everyone. We have a very practical milk strainer for sale that we heartily recommend for those having trouble in marketing clean milk. THE FRANKLIN ICE CREAM CO., MILK CONDENSERY.

125 years ago: Sept. 24, 1896

The Republican state central committee sent one of the national speakers to Tonganoxie, but sent no notice that it would do so until three days in advance. It was the intention to have him speak at the picnic, but as the time was very well occupied by other speakers, the Republicans urged the speaker, Mr. D.I. Worthington, of Columbus, Ohio, to stay overnight and address the people in Laming’s Hall. Accordingly a large crowd assembled in the hall in the evening, notwithstanding the short notice, who listened to a very sound address on the money question.

Mr. Worthington is not a ‘pyrotechnic orator,’ using catchy phrases or sophistries, but handles the money question in a logical, sensible way. He does not abuse the opposition but makes a calm dispassionate argument. A few of the silver men left during the discourse for fear of getting on the mourner’s bench.

His remarks were principally a review of the money legislation of the country and a refutation of the charge that the currency was contracted. He presented statistics for the past one hundred years, which plainly showed that the volume of currency had nothing to do with prices.


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