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Remember When: A Community Review for Aug. 3, 2022

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

August 3, 2022

25 years ago: Aug. 6, 1997

Inside this issue of The Mirror is the annual Leavenworth County Fair tab (short for tabloid). [The Fair Tab was 32 pages long.]

“Old Time Fair Days” was the theme of the parade, which was Wednesday night.

Friday, for the second time in the last 45 days, the primary water supply line broke at Fourth and Main streets, shutting off water to 75% of the city for about 2 hours.

50 years ago: Aug. 3, 1972

Keith Blecha, a student at K-State University, recently returned from a 30-day trip to the East African countries of Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. Accompanying him to Africa were VI Morey, Tonganoxie, retired biology instructor and K-State graduate, and his son Jim Morey, KC, a former medical photographer. They took nearly 5,000 pictures on the trip and plan to present illustrated lectures during the coming year to various organizations and schools throughout Kansas and Eastern Missouri.

Children’s World Pre-school is planning to open its classroom on Aug. 28, 1972. The school is an educational venture sponsored by the Tonganoxie Christian Church and the United Methodist Church. The development of Children’s World grew out of a need for additional facilities in pre-school education. The goal of Children’s World according to the new Director, Ms. Chris Parfitt, is to combine educational experience with community and individual growth. The school is open to children ages 3-5 on a three-, four- or five-day basis.

CW Ridgway on U.S. Highway 24-40 east of Tonganoxie put out 400 tomato plants and picked 500 pounds. The Ridgeways produced 10,000 quarts of strawberries this season. There are many wonderful vegetable gardens in the rural areas and much preserving and canning going on.

About 80 members of the Tonganoxie Junior and Senior High Bands will march in the Leavenworth County Fair Parade. The 1972 majorettes are Candy and Cindy Leavitt, Cheryl Clark and Stacey Nafus. The new Drum Major, Steve Johnson, will be leading the Chieftain Marching Band. Director is Phil Kuitz.

The 371st Army Band will march in the Leavenworth County Fair Parade and will present a concert following the parade.

75 years ago: Aug. 6, 1947

We are finally catching some relief as the thermometer drops to 100 degrees today.  After last week’s heat wave topping out at 106, this cold front has brought us some welcome temperatures.  Even if it is just down to 100. Sure does make for good business at Tonganoxie swimming pool. Reports had Wednesday temps at 110 degrees. Whew.

A Kansas City woman who was driving erratically at 45 mph on U.S. 24 heading south where two deputy sheriffs stopped her and arrested her. She was arrested for drunken driving. Her fine was $100 plus $9.20 in court costs. Her companion, a young man, was sober.

The Laming and Son Ford Service department is practicing the “4-way Ford Service” plan that saves customers money. Only Ford trained mechanics work on the auto, factory approved methods for designing, special Ford equipment is used and only genuine Ford parts are installed.

Air Force Day was celebrated Aug. 1. Plan for a career in aviation through Army Air Force schooling. 

Roy Rogers and Trigger are featured in “Sunset in El Dorado” at the Royal Theatre. 

100 years ago: Aug. 3, 1922

Primary Election Day in Tonganoxie was just fine after the rain at 3 a.m. the night before. There was a good crowd in town all day, and by noon over 100 votes had been cast.

Stringfellow on the democratic ticket, and Anthony on the Republican ticket, were the candidates who drew the votes out. The vote was exceptionally large for a primary election, there being 124 democratic and 245 republican ballots cast at Tonganoxie and 36 republican and 6 democratic ballots at Neely. There were 416 ballots cast in both precincts, few being spoiled ballots. In the Republican primary for State Congress: DR Anthony 236, Fred Volland 26.

Tonganoxie district No. 28 has announced teachers for the coming year: Miss Bessie Cory, principal and seventh-grade teacher; Miss Cuba McCaffrey, eighth grade; Ida Kirby, grades 5 and 6; Ethel Kahn, grade 4, half of grade 3; Izola Farrell, grade 2 and half of grade 3; and Irene Verhage, grade 1.

125 years ago: Aug. 5, 1897

The excavation for the new schoolhouse is finished, and a good foundation has been made on which to lay the walls. The excavation is four feet deep. A Lawrence man will lay the walls, and work will be commenced on them at once.

The school board have employed the teachers for the school this winter, and the number has been increased to five. L.M. Spray will be the principal, and the others are Mrs. Spray, Miss Ella Davis, Miss Mary Phenicie and Francis Jones, but they have not yet been assigned to departments. School will open as soon as the new building is completed.

Laming’s hall was pretty well filled last Thursday afternoon at the annual school meeting, and it is estimated that it was the largest attended school meeting ever held.

Everything passed off very quietly. The meeting was called to order by Director W.S. Robertson, after which the reports of the clerk and treasurer were read and adopted. A discussion regarding the new textbooks was then had, and by a vote of the meeting N.M. Grist was appointed agent for the book company in this district.

Three candidates for clerk for the ensuing year were balloted for, Frank Zoellner receiving the largest number of votes. By request of the other nominees his election was made unanimous.

A motion was made and carried instructing the board to hire a male principal. Discussions were had regarding the other teachers. But as the district has no power to instruct the board otherwise than as to the sex of the teachers, the matter was dropped

The levy made this year was 18 mills - 16 for general purposes and 2 mills for incidental purposes. Owing to the abolishment of the sinking fund the levy is 2 mills less than last year.

The meeting also voted an eight-month school.


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