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Remember When: A Community Review for May 25, 2022

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

Tonganoxie Community Historical Society Museum

May 26, 2022

25 years ago: May 28, 1997

Recently the Kansas Corporate Commission directed Southwestern Bell Telephone to introduce 785 as a new area code in Kansas, beginning on Oct. 1, 1998. Tonganoxie will remain in the 913 area code.

Tonganoxie bore witness to two Memorial Day observances on Sunday, May 25. One of the ceremonies was at Reusch/VFW Memorial Park, and another was at Hubbel Hill Cemetery. Members of the local Veterans of Foreign Wars chapter replaced the faded American flag at the memorial park with a new flag, which was left flapping at half-mast, in recognition of those who died while serving our country.

50 years ago: May 25, 1972

The Tonganoxie High School will hold its 1972 commencement exercises May 25. Diane DeFries was named class valedictorian and Audrey Dunlap is the salutatorian.

Tonganoxie Junior High conducted its 1972 commencement exercises May 24. Melody Aye and Michelle Menninger were class valedictorians, and the salutatorian was Deborah Kennedy.

Memorial Day services will be held at Reno Cemetery, Hubble Hill Cemetery, Fall Creek Cemetery, and Holy Angels Cemetery.

Shaw’s House of Guitar has just opened a mile north of Sunset Motel.

The Tonganoxie swimming pool will open for the summer season and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Shilling are in charge.

The Glen Hochard home was the scene of an unusual party Saturday night. The honored guests were four exchange students from Brazil.

Debra Reetz, a 1970 Tonganoxie High grad, received the Tonganoxie-Jarbalo Education Association Scholarship Award of $150 for the 1972 school year. She is attending the Kansas State Teachers College at Emporia.

The coveted Laymen-of-the-year award was presented to Rodney J. Stephenson of Tonganoxie when the Baker University religious drama group held its annual appreciation banquet.

Rodney, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Stephenson, is a sophomore at Baker University and twice chairman of the annual dinner. He has appeared in more than seventy Laymen performances including the musical, “Count Me In!” which Laymen presented at the High School and “Eyes Upon the Cross” which was staged at the Tonganoxie United Methodist Church on Easter. Rodney was chosen in recognition of his talent, offstage work, and various responsibilities he has held in the group.

75 years ago: May 15, 1947

Rural night life spots seem to be popping up in and around the city and many are wondering why. It seems the trend for city partying has reversed and night owls are flocking to our community. What are they searching for? Why the selling of beer is the answer. Lakeview Lodge, Hilltop, and Yates Station are just a few of the locales that the city slickers are frequenting. Some are rough places, some are nice. Strangers are showing up to check out the scene and maybe separate a few coins from country folk. Big profits are being rumored so it seems that more of these establishments will appear on the horizon.

The Kaw River has been sending fish our way during the high-water season. John Lenahan got a bonus fish when the 17-1/2-pound catfish he caught, which was a record, had a 6-inch carp in its stomach. They say fishing is good on Stranger and this proves it.

And more wedding news with the ceremony between Miss Margie Coburn and Mr. John Himpel took place. The couple’s attendants were Miss Myrle Pettengil and Mr. Warren Whitaker.

Until pipelines are increased, the gas to heat your home will be in short supply so the Gas Service Company is asking that we all be patient and wait for installation. We know that many of you would like to have gas to heat your homes this winter and hope that the pipelines will be ready to deliver the fuel.

The National Horsemen’s Magazine has chosen an American Saddle Bred Stallion as one of the top in the nation. And this beauty is right here in Tonganoxie at the Warren Whitaker home.

100 years ago: May 25, 1922

The Mayor and Council in regular session last Monday evening discussed the matter of a sewer system for Tonganoxie, the relocation of the Standard Oil Co. tanks, the necessity of a city park, and the paving on Main Street as far out as the Condensery.

It seemed to be the consensus that the park proposition should be eliminated for now.

It is quite likely that the paving of Main Street will be started as soon as the preliminary plans can be made, and petitions presented.

Mr. RR Schooley, of the E.T. Archer and Company firm of consulting engineers, Kansas City, was present and with blueprints explained the construction of a sewer system for a town the size of Tonganoxie.

ET Archer and Co. will for one hundred dollars, make a preliminary survey of the town and furnish estimates of cost of the different parts of the system with the understanding that if the proposition goes through, they will be retained as engineers.

A guess as to the cost of a sewer system for Tonganoxie is about $60,000. About $30,000 for the laterals, $10,000 for the sewer disposal plant and about $20,000 for the main sewers.

The main sewer and disposal plant are paid for by a tax against all the taxable property in the town real and personal.

Of those at the Council meeting last Monday when questioned by Mayor Heynen were all in favor of putting in a sewer.

125 years ago: May 27, 1897

The bond election has been set for Thursday, June 3rd between the hours of eight in the morning and six in the evening. Call is $5,500 and the vote will be taken in accordance with the Australian ballot law.

So far, no opposition has developed to the project. The heavy taxpayers are for the new school and so are the small taxpayers, those who pay no taxes at all and the old maids and old bachelors. That takes in about all the voters. To say nothing of the children who are as enthusiastic for new building as the elders.

The unanimity of the community for a new schoolhouse would make the bond proposition absolutely certain of carrying if it were not for a provision of the state law which requires a school bond proposition to have the affirmative vote of a majority of the district.

Our school district contains nearly 500 voters and to make a bonds issue lawful 250 affirmative votes are required. A vote of 225 for and 25 against would not carry the proposition. Staying at home is therefore voting against the proposition.

At this early date discussions over the plans for a new schoolhouse are out of order, but this will not prevent an interested community from expressing their views. Many ideas are entertained but the six roomers seem to preponderate.


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