Linenberger: Halloween celebration
October 23, 2012
Figuring out a Halloween costume can be a big decision.
Schlageck: For the customers
October 16, 2012
While almost every industry today does a less than perfect job of living by the motto, “the customer is the most important part of business,” Kansas farmers and ranchers are one segment that adheres to this philosophy.
Linenberger: Time to vote
October 16, 2012
Many folks likely are ready for Nov. 6 to get here.
Moran: Breaking the cycle
October 9, 2012
In large and small communities across our country, too many Americans find themselves placed in danger by the very people who are supposed to love and protect them. Each year, more than 2 million women are victims of domestic violence across our country. In Kansas, an estimated one in 10 adult women will suffer from domestic abuse this year.
Schlageck: Community investment
October 9, 2012
With each new generation, more of this country’s population becomes further and further removed from the farm.
Schlageck: Community investment
October 2, 2012
While Kansas is blessed with many resources, without question its people are the most valuable. While traveling from Colby to Leavenworth a couple weeks ago, the importance of people came into sharp focus once again.
Schlageck: Customer care in agriculture
September 18, 2012
While farmers and ranchers have always adhered to sound principles of animal husbandry and livestock care, society’s views on animal welfare continue to evolve.
Food safety: myths, facts
September 11, 2012
Over the years we have all heard advice related to food safety, some of which rings true, while other guidance is just plain wrong. September is National Food Safety Education month, which is a good time to review myths and facts regarding safe food handling.
Schlageck: Moderation and variety
September 11, 2012
The key to a healthy diet today is to eat a variety of foods, including grains, milk, vegetables, meat and fruits — all in moderation. Each of us needs to make smart choices about when we eat and how much.
Linenberger: Take care on the road
September 4, 2012
With students back in school, traffic naturally increases at certain times during the day.
Schlageck: No hungry kids
September 4, 2012
With the advent of the new school year, there’s apprehension some youngsters may be leaving the school cafeteria hungry. This may be in part due to recent changes in this country’s school lunch program.
Schlageck: Shine with safety
August 28, 2012
With every passing year, farm machinery becomes larger and larger. Some of this new equipment is so large it extends into the oncoming traffic lane and far beyond the tractor pulling it.
Comment: Statehouse adventures
August 14, 2012
Leavenworth County has been designated a “contiguous disaster county” because of the current drought, making our agricultural producers eligible for federal disaster relief.
Schlageck: Why should I serve?
August 7, 2012
While farmers and ranchers continue to fill our plates with food, their plates are filled with an ever-increasing number of issues.