Schlageck: A rose by any other name
December 27, 2011
Several years ago I heard it said that garbage is the ugly side of plenty. No matter what you choose to call it — solid waste, refuse or some other more politically correct phrase — garbage remains just that, garbage.
Schmidt: Caution with gift cards
December 20, 2011
With Christmas just a few days away, many of us will be searching for that perfect last-minute gift. For some of those hard-to-buy-for people on our lists, gift cards can seem like the perfect solution.
Linenberger: Drop the phone
December 20, 2011
There’s an entertaining photo that’s been circulating through Facebook of a family Christmas card.
Comment: Tree-house heaven
December 6, 2011
Harken back to the days when you were a kid. Being outside was fun. Heck, it was everything and more often than not messy.
Opinion: Keeping a promise
November 16, 2011
Courage is often talked about but seldom witnessed. But there are some whose courage never fails to inspire us all: our nation’s veterans.
Que sera, sera
November 9, 2011
Regardless of the location across Kansas, this fall has served up ideal harvest conditions. Many producers report they are ahead of schedule with the 2011 harvest. Seldom are the temperatures this mild, the humidity this low and the weather this dry during this time of year.
Column: Doodlebug and jitney
September 28, 2011
As a youngster my dad used to read two newspapers daily. His newspapers of choice were the Kansas City Star and Denver Post.
Smith: THS football players endure difficult week
September 6, 2011
Imagine being a football player preparing for the first game of the season. All of the sudden, your head coach is suspended because of something that happened the previous day at practice.
Opinion: Proper redistricting
September 6, 2011
Every 10 years, the Kansas Legislature is required to redraw boundaries for all congressional, legislative and State Board of Education districts. This is necessary as populations shift significantly over the course of a decade. Every ten years, like clockwork, this exercise becomes so muddled in partisan politics that it brings many other important issues debated in the Statehouse to a grinding halt.
Family farm
August 30, 2011
It seems people outside agriculture routinely try to define the family farm. In our contemporary society this means people one or two generations removed from the land who live in sprawling suburbia.
Opinion: Exploring education options
August 24, 2011
According to the U.S. Department of Education, only a third of Kansas students are proficient in reading and roughly one out of four are functionally illiterate. You might expect that education officials would welcome an opportunity to examine what other states are doing to address these unacceptably low achievement levels, but sadly they refuse to even have a discussion.
Letter to the editor: Don’t step on others’ rights
July 20, 2011
I saw this on Facebook and I know that not everyone looks at that, so I wanted to share this with you:
Opinion: Boot fencing
July 5, 2011
Perched atop the weathered wooden posts, the western boots stretched nearly one mile into the horizon. Brown, black, green, gray and blue were the colors. Torn and frayed was their condition. All the boot heels pointed toward the blue, spring sky. Some of the toes still held their shape — jutting out from the fence post. Others dropped toward the grass like the tongues of cutting ponies after a full morning of sorting cattle.
Opinion: Harvest restrictions
June 30, 2011
It’s harvest time in Kansas. And while most Americans associate harvest with autumn leaves and Thanksgiving, Kansans think of hot southern winds that ripen the wheat and signal it’s time to get the combine ready for what they hope will be a good crop. Ever since Kansas’ first settlers converted the prairie from a sea of tall grass into amber waves of grain, families have labored together during the summer months to bring in the harvest.