Letters to the editor

Letter to the editor: Kansas needs residents to step forward for foster care, support
June 11, 2020
To the editor: TFI Family Services is a not-for-profit Foster Care Agency. Our agency has been in the state of Kansas for over 50 years. We are writing you today to discuss the need for foster families in the Leavenworth County area.
Letter to the editor: Residents question CR 1 rezoning recommendations
October 16, 2019
The potential re-zoning of property near County Rd. 1, south of Tonganoxie, was discussed at the last Planning & Zoning meeting. None of residents who spoke were in favor of re-zoning. However, the committee unanimously voted in favor of re-zoning. It begs the question: Why even bother attending and speaking if no one listens?
Letter to the editor: Response to Tyson
September 28, 2017
(Dear Tyson,) On behalf of the citizens from Tonganoxie and surrounding areas who have flocked together by the thousands to oppose your proposed $320 million poultry processing plant, I’d personally like to apologize if we have ruffled any feathers. It’s just that we don’t appreciate back-door politics and non-disclosure agreements. They’ll drop our property values, irreversibly pollute our waterways and air, impact the future of our children and substantially increase our taxes, to your benefit.
Letters to the editor: New Tonganoxie library needed; Former board member favors new library
February 9, 2017
Editor’s note: The mail-in ballot question for Tonganoxie residents that is due back to the Leavenworth County Clerk’s Office by Feb. 28 asks whether the city should replace the current 3/4-cent sales tax for the Tonganoxie Water Park that is set to expire with a 20-year tax at the same rate. The tax would go toward building a new library, as well as infrastructure projects. There is a possibility that ground will be available on the former Tonganoxie Elementary School campus for a new library, but that is not yet settled.
Letter to editor: Trainer praised for stance on treatment
August 28, 2016
I am writing to commend Mr. Mark Padfield on his attitude and practice regarding cupping (Mirror 8/17). This “ancient Chinese therapy” has been popularized by recent Olympic events, but is worthless as a performance enhancer and has many possible negative effects, including potentially serious infections as well as looking like the victim of a squid attack.
Letter to the editor: Ban Yik Yak app
November 25, 2014
Yik Yak has hit the community of Tonganoxie and its arrival has already left giant scars on those who have become its victims.
Letter to the editor: Tonganoxie representative responsive to constituent
September 16, 2014
I am writing to express my appreciation of Republican Connie O’Brien for her responsiveness on issues.
Letter to the editor: Snow shoveling help appreciated
February 18, 2014
I am writing this letter so that the nicest man in the world might read it.
Letter to the editor: Donations needed at local food bank
October 8, 2013
As a volunteer at the Good Shepherd Thrift Store and Food Bank, I would like to remind everyone in the area what an asset it is to the community.
Letter to the editor: Response to Postal Service food drive ‘amazing’
May 28, 2013
The public’s response and generosity to the recent United States Postal Service Mail Carriers has been amazing.
Letter to the editor: Time for donations at Good Shepherd Thrift Store and Food Bank
November 20, 2012
As you prepare for your own holiday celebrations, please remember those less fortunate. Good Shepherd Thrift Shop and Food Bank always is in need of gently used items and especially clothing in good condition.
Letter to the editor: Another successful Library Run
June 19, 2012
On June 9, runners and walkers gathered in front of the Tonganoxie Public Library for the 25th annual Tonganoxie Library Run.
Letter to the editor: Vote needed on prayers at Historical Society meetings
April 3, 2012
Secularism has found its way to Tonganoxie.
Letter: A district of its own
February 28, 2012
Why is Leavenworth County split into two state senate districts? The population of Leavenworth County is large enough to deserve to be a standalone district. Southern Leavenworth County is in the 3rd District, leaving the rest of Leavenworth County in the 5th district.
Letter: Report stray animals
February 28, 2012
In December 2008, the Sheriff’s Department (animal control authority) announced that it would no longer pick up and impound stray or abandoned pets.