Would you be in favor of a statewide smoking ban, or even one in Tonganoxie?

February 4, 2009

Photo of Janet Angell-Felts

Janet Angell-Felts ( in Tonganoxie) says...

Yes, I would, even in Tonganoxie, but I don’t think it would pass at this time.

Photo of Dalton Lawson

Dalton Lawson ( in Tonganoxie) says...

"It wouldn't affect me either way because I don't smoke and smoke doesn't bother me, but I do know that this bill has had trouble in the past, so i don't see it making it to Tonganoxie or Kansas as a whole. Even if there was a ban there aren't a lot of public places that this would affect. There's what, four places on Fourth Street that it would affect in Tonganoxie? I think if the ban were passed for the whole state of Kansas I think people would be upset though, due to the large public areas that Kansas has. I, on the other hand, am fine with it either way, I believe that there are a lot of people who feel the same. In the end It wouldn't affect Tonganoxie as much as it would bigger cities.

Photo of Dan Lynch

Dan Lynch ( in Tonganoxie) says...

I believe that it is important to be courteous to people who we are around. Simply put, personal rights end where another’s begin. I’m always disappointed when we have to have the legislature spend time with something I believe can be handled by the local cities. Personally, I am against smoking, and will visit those establishments that have a non-smoking section or don’t allow smoking at all. Business owners who listen to their customers will likely handle this on their own, too. Do we really need another law on the books?


Miketelecomguy 9 years, 4 months ago on Would you be in favor of a statewide smoking ban, or even one in Tonganoxie?

I see this as taking our rights away, I am a smoker, but I dont drink, maybe they should stop selling beer or mixed drinks at public places, or wait a minute stop driving your car cause it puts out harmful smoke, I think they should leave it up to the owner of the place, if he/she wants to allow or not allow smoking then thats how it should be. But to allow them to pass a law, whats next give them our guns, or our freedom of speech, wait maybe our freedom of the press so we can't even post our thoughts on here.


andypierson 9 years, 4 months ago on Would you be in favor of a statewide smoking ban, or even one in Tonganoxie?

If we are really against smoking then outlaw tobacco.

Right, like that will ever happen. Just look at the psychotic way the federal, state and local governments approach tobacco.

The government has established subsidies for tobacco growers. They sued "big tobacco" for billions of dollars to pay for the health care costs of its victims. They took those dollars to fund anti-smoking programs, smoking cessation programs and public service announcements against using it. Then they place higher taxes on the substance to fund health care programs for children.

How crazy is that to try to get people to quit using something that has been deemed a health hazard, help farmers to grow it, pay for programs to educate people of how evil it is, pay for programs to quit using it if you are addicted, encourage less people to use it while increasing the programs reliant on the taxes generated by its sell.

And we elected these fools.


Jason Bailey 9 years, 4 months ago on Would you be in favor of a statewide smoking ban, or even one in Tonganoxie?

This is absolutely a rights issue but the people of America have been handing over rights since before the last of the Founding generation died.

The Constitution specifically delineates that all rights belong to the people except for those called out in the Constitution (or rights that are deferred to the government by the people). Today, it's completely backward. The government is not frightened of us, we're frightened of it via the way it can limit and control the way we choose to live.

I am not a tobacco user but I am hesitant to ever give the government the right to force people to live a particular way except where it is an obvious moral issue.

Dalton Lawson's comment worries me: "I couldn't care either way". How far have we failed our youth in teaching originalist civics in this country? Just because the issue "doesn't affect him" because he doesn't smoke obviously equals "who cares" to our youth. Rights are rights, Dalton. But you're well on your way toward becoming a good up and compliant Liberal.


Trouble 9 years, 4 months ago on Would you be in favor of a statewide smoking ban, or even one in Tonganoxie?

I do not smoke, But I'm very apposed to letting the Government dictate what we should or should not do in life. I'm sure... the people who smoke know the harm that they are causing themselves. They choose this and who thinks they have the right to tell them that they can't smoke when and where they want to. We have too much of Big Brother in this day and times and it seem that everyone want to tell other people what to do. So no we should not have a ban on smoking. People should mind there own business. If they did.... just maybe the world would be a better place to live.


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