Would you approve of a state-wide ban on smoking in public places?

February 24, 2010

Photo of Jacque Admire

Jacque Admire ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“Not only do I approve, but I have been advocating it for years. While it is every person's right to smoke, as well as many other things harmful to that person’s health, it is my right to not have to breathe it. They can do it in the privacy of their own home. Tobacco use costs our society very dearly — there are much better ways to use those dollars.”

Photo of Dennis Bixby

Dennis Bixby ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“No. While I am not a smoker myself and a do appreciate the well-vented non-smoking section in most restaurants, the idea of a government at any level taking away one more of my rights is more offensive than the tobacco smoke itself. Once it passes, what next? Personal freedom has to come first. The restaurant owners should have the right to market to whomever they want. I have and want the ability to vote with my feet.”

Photo of Lindsey Truesdell

Lindsey Truesdell ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“This is a tricky question for me. Personally, I hate being around people who smoke. However, I can't say I would support a government ban on smoking in public. I can make a decision not to go to places that allow smoking, it seems fair to reciprocate that freedom by allowing owners to choose how they would like their businesses to be run. Freedom is the joy of this country, even if it is the freedom to inhale cancer-causing smoke.”


mymonkey 8 years, 1 month ago on Would you approve of a state-wide ban on smoking in public places?

Please don't ban things we carry on airplanes as that is our right. Can you believe somebody would want a law over food? It is the right of producers to put whatever they want in our food. We don't have to eat it. Please no ban on texting while driving as that is my right. If someone is killed that is ok because we all have our rights. I don't care about anyone or anything except "my" rights. Government can't tell me what to do. End DUI now! My right to drink!!


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