What is your reaction to the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti?

January 20, 2010

Photo of Lindsey Truesdell

Lindsey Truesdell ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“Since I'm going to be honest, my reaction was to change the channel from the devastating pictures and stories. Now as I think about it, maybe just a few days ago those in Haiti (those who even had a TV to begin with) were simply changing the channel. It's going to be a long and painful recovery for Haiti, where I think they will be needing constructive, kind and generous reactions for a long time giving us all time to realize that we need to do more than change the channel.”

Photo of Dennis Bixby

Dennis Bixby ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“Haiti is a very poor, dangerous and corrupt country. I ache for the people who have lost loved ones and what little they have. Food, water, sanitation and security will be key to improving and rebuilding. The U.S. was quick to help the situation and we will pay for it with money borrowed from China.  The U.S. has given Haiti 4 billion of our tax dollars since 2004 and seen nothing for it.   Private charities such as the Red Cross would be better at solving the long term challenges that exist.”

Photo of Jacque Admire

Jacque Admire ( in Tonganoxie) says...

I feel honored to be part of a local and national community that responds quickly to the needs of Haiti. I hope that the assistance will continue past the immediate disaster as Haiti needs to build a stronger infrastructure (such as building codes to reduce building collapse), which cannot be done until the country is stabilized. I am pleased that the federal government also responded so positively even though our national resources are limited — extending the hand of human kindness should always remain our highest priority. I contribute as I can —making sure the organizations I contribute to, such as CARE and Heart to Heart, will spend my money to help the people of Haiti.


Jason Bailey 8 years, 5 months ago on What is your reaction to the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti?

Jacque: Extending the hand of human kindness is not in our Constitution or Declaration of Independence. Since you placed your statement just after the federal govt's response, I'm assuming you're referring to what you perceive as its responsibility in this case.

Our government's responsibility is to its citizens first and to the world community second...in that order. Handing over millions of dollars (in this event) and billions over the years is part of what is bankrupting our nation. We are "saving the world" but our kids' futures will be lost. Is that fine with you?


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