What grade would you give President Obama after one year in office?

January 26, 2010

Photo of Jacque Admire

Jacque Admire ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“I would give President Obama a B-. The economy was in trouble when he took over. Gitmo and other campaign promises demanded action. He had two wars he couldn't stop and no time to learn about the many other national and international issues. I admire his willingness to act quickly to stabilize the economy. He openly stated he didn't have all the answers but would keep working on better solutions. If he gets a second term, I think we will see an experienced statesman; but right now, it’s ‘on-the-job training.’” Jacque Admire Tonganoxie

Photo of Dennis Bixby

Dennis Bixby ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“I would give him an ‘A’ for reading teleprompters, an ‘A’ for fundraising, and a ‘B-’ in PE because he never stops running from the truth; an ‘F’ in geography for not knowing Gitmo is a safer place to house and try terrorists; ‘F’ in math, health, home ec and job creation and spending billions of dollars we don't have on things we don't need. He does however get an ‘A’ for whining that it is Bush's fault.  Bush, by the way, got a C average.

Photo of Lindsey Truesdell

Lindsey Truesdell ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“I don't think I'm qualified or even well-informed enough to give Obama a grade. It seems to me that he hasn't quite lived up to his expectations and campaign promises, but honestly, who does? I feel like too many people are too quick to give him an A+ or a total F rather than really look at him for what he has done. I don't think he's God and I don't think he's the antichrist, so far I'd say he's just another president. So I'd like to give him a C but Change starts with C and there hasn't been a whole lot of that.”


Jason Bailey 8 years, 4 months ago on What grade would you give President Obama after one year in office?

Lindsey: You're well on your way to being a thoughtful, level-headed adult. Reading your response was a breath of fresh air.

Jacque: You really need to bone up on the Constitution and what a President's responsibilities are. It is not to fulfill campaign promises...it is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Closing Gitmo is nothing more than self-serving and pandering to his base; the economy is not the President's responsibility.

Obama is exactly what I knew he'd be: an empty suit who looks to others to tell him what he should do. He's a campaigner, a public speaker, that's it. He has no idea what to do and is coming across (through lack of action) as indecisive as those on the left accused Bush of being.

You say he was quick to respond to the economy (which is not in his Constitutional job description) but took more than 100 days to decide what to do in Afghanistan (defense of the country and Constitution is in his job description). Which beings me back to my original point: please read and study the documents that are the foundation of our government.

I give Obama a D- simply because he is not fulfilling his job description. If he were my employee in an annual review, I'd be giving him a written warning to shape up or else.


tongcat 8 years, 4 months ago on What grade would you give President Obama after one year in office?

Either candidate in the last presidential campaign looked at the time to be a one term president given the extreme problems with the economy and other issues. Obama has made mistakes, no doubt. Some feel he has allowed too much for bailouts, much of which process began under Bush. If the bailouts had not happened and our economy would have collapsed, he would have been sharply criticized for not taking action. A lot can happen in the next couple of years leading up to the next presidential election. But to give Bush a C and Obama a F at this stage seems awfully partisan. If Bush in time is not considered one of maybe the five worst presidents this country has seen, I will be surprised.


Jason Bailey 8 years, 4 months ago on What grade would you give President Obama after one year in office?

Tongcat: I agree...I'd give Bush an D- as well. He trampled on Constitutional rights in so many ways, led our nation into runaway spending and deficits, responded inappropriately to 9/11 by hitting Iraq instead of staying the course and getting Bin Laden. We'll never get that guy and the biggest reason is because when we had him against the wall, we let up and diverted resources elsewhere.

The only good thing I can say about Bush is that America was not attacked again on his watch. But the guy was a blue-dog Democrat with a "one-world" mentality just like Obama.

I've lost hope in either party. As long as they are allowed to run for office til they die, they will always pander to their own personal interests and jobs. I know, I know...there are already "term limits" setup and that is the people voting them out but the people are too drunk on their bread and circuses to pay attention to what's going on in Washington.


shawnfarmer834 8 years, 3 months ago on What grade would you give President Obama after one year in office?

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Trouble 8 years, 3 months ago on What grade would you give President Obama after one year in office?

Obama haters. Obama is the only President that this nation has had in a long time that is fighting for the middle class. Bush had eight years to bring this nation to it knees. Boy did he. You can't expect Obama to clean up Bush's mess in one year. He might be a one term president but I do beleive that he will keep fighting for the middle class. That is the Presidents job.

"Jason2007" Bush had 8 years... to decide what to do in Afghanistan. Did he do any thing? No.. we went to Iraq .To defend his fathers honor and of course the oil. We were lied to about Iraq having mass weapons.

Gitmo is Bush's fault he allowed what happened in Gitmo with the prisoners. Gave this nation a big black eye for that one. Now we have to do something with the prisoners. Should we move them to the states No... but what do we do with them?

I feel that Obama's first year and his first term will be nothing less then cleaning up Bush's mess.


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