Are you concerned about the United States' lowered credit rating?

August 12, 2011

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Debbie Holloway ( in Tonganoxie) says...

Not really because the world has to eat and this country is still providing food for the world. "One Kansas farmer feeds 198 people and You" is a popular billboard I've seen right here in Kansas. The United States is still the breadbasket of the world and the world has to eat. Secondly, when are our elected officials going to stop the mudslinging? The Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party, Liberatarians, and assorted others had to put on their hip waders in order to raise the debt ceilling. It's tradition to raise the debt ceiling and history repeats itself decade after decade, administration after administration. There was so much mudslinging, both sides of the house are covered from head to toe in mud and are still knee deep in rhetoric even after passing the bill. Because social networking is gaining more and more popularity, we have Tweeted, Blogged, Facebooked, and texted every move Congress made last month and these tools allow Americans to get a front row seat right there with Congress in the mud. One example of "verbal mud" and manipulating facts starts with Standard and Poor, which gave our government the downgraded rating of AA+. Some of us have forgotten the 2007-08 financial crisis involving Lehman Brothers Bank. It was the fourth largest bank at the time of its collapse. The Lehman Brothers demise made a huge financial impact on the market for many weeks. Moody's Investor Service downgraded the bank for its financial practices while Standard and Poor continued with a AAA rating up until the day the bank collapsed. Can we trust S&P? They have made other gregarious financial mistakes in the past as well. It was a hot and humid July and all of the pigs are in the political trough.

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Wesley Williams ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“I’m not sure, but I hope that it doesn't affect student loans and financial aid for college. I personally believe that the state of our nation’s economy is a curse that my generation will have to fix.”


Jason Bailey 6 years, 8 months ago on Are you concerned about the United States' lowered credit rating?

How does debt and eating fit together? I may be dense but I don't get how $14 Trillion dollars in the hole equates to bread, Debbie. Just because we historically have raised the debt limit doesn't mean we should blindly push forward and continue reckless spending. If families raise their debt limits, they raise their credit card or mortgage debt. Bankruptcy is the only outcome with that kind of fiscal approach.

This kind of mentality of "oh well, it's cool -- hey, here's something bright and shiny to take you eye off of the ball -- steak, let's eat" is what worries me most about our nation. We are a country of lemmings who will blindly follow the one in front of us off the cliff.


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