Now that the fair has concluded, summertime is about finished. What do you look forward to in the fall months?

August 16, 2011

Photo of Amanda Altenhofen

Amanda Altenhofen ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“I’m looking forward to cooler weather, fall leaves and baking yummy treats.”

Photo of Wesley Williams

Wesley Williams ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“My favorite part of fall would have to be the relief that we get from the heat with the cooler months. It’s refreshing.”

Photo of Denise LaRosh

Denise LaRosh ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“Now that I'm retired, fall has become my new favorite season of the year. Here, in northeast Kansas, we're surrounded by an awesome display of changing colors. I've developed an interest in photography, and in the fall I take my camera on walks. There's so much beauty right here in Tonganoxie.”


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