What are your thoughts on President Obama's proposed American Jobs Act he laid out for Congress this past week?

September 13, 2011

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Amanda Altenhofen ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“I hope our duly elected representatives in Congress do not pass this bill. This is a president with a history of encouraging Congress to pass bills just because he says that the country needs it. This happened with the healthcare bill. Now, we have a big, stinking pile of legislation that we didn't need or want. So no, I don't want another big stinking pile of legislation and hope the Jobs Act isn't passed. The healthcare bill includes many hidden caveats that have nothing to do with our personal physical health, such as businesses reporting where they spend every dollar over $600.   That means in 2014, our company will have to send the big firms, like Home Depot, a 1099.  I'm sure Home Depot is going to love many small businesses inundating them with paper and information, not to mention, them having to raise prices to deal with this influx of information.    I believe in a free market system. I believe that necessity is the mother of invention. That said, the proposed tax cuts in the American Jobs Act sound like a sort of monetary heaven and surprisingly Republican.  But, as with the health care bill, it is the hidden cost of legislation that I fear."

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Denise LaRosh ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“Why didn't he propose this bill two years ago? The president has a good plan and one that echoes that which FDR used to bring our country out of the Depression in the 1930s: revitalizing the economy and putting unemployed Americans back to work by improving the infrastucture of our country. But unlike Roosevelt's WPA, Obama’s Jobs Act won't fly. He is asking Congress to pay for this bill by cutting tax deductions and exemptions (read "raising taxes") for wealthier Americans, an issue which polarizes our two political parties. So, even though President Obama called for an end to the"political circus" in his speech last week when he presented this bill, I predict we'll see more sideshows from the elephants and asses in Congress who are gearing up for the 2012 election. And while the Democrats and Republicans we elected are serving themselves in Washington, middle-class Americans will continue to struggle finding jobs, and many of our schools, bridges, and roads will continue to crumble."

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Wesley Williams ( in Tonganoxie) says...

“To be frank, I did not pay attention to his speech. I was too busy with soccer and academics.”


Jason Bailey 6 years, 9 months ago on What are your thoughts on President Obama's proposed American Jobs Act he laid out for Congress this past week?

Now this is a great question and I loved both responses. Well thought out, deliberate. One question: Why do we ask a high schooler what they think about anything that lasts longer than 45 seconds, doesn't involve a video game or sports, and is tied into the subject-matter taught in a Civics class? It's a waste of time to even ask -- you know the answer (Was it on MTV? Didn't see that on Facebook.)


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