Don’t Ask Don’t Tell officially ended this week. Do you agree with the repeal of this military policy?

Response Percent Votes
69% 85
30% 38
Total 123


howiseeit 7 years, 4 months ago

What right do we have to tell someone “we won’t ask, but if we find out you’re gay – you’re out”? If an individual is willing to die for our freedom, why does it matter if they are homosexual? I am not saying I agree with homosexuality, or that I condone it. The fact is anyone competent, committed, driven and WILLING to serve should be able to join the service regardless of their sexuality. If you were saved by someone, they sacrificed their life for yours without even knowing you, would you be any less grateful because they were gay? If so, you should be ashamed.


Old_Vet 7 years, 4 months ago

You made a specious argument regarding military service and the hypothetical sacrifice being made. What about the possibility that an openly serving homosexual might cause the deaths of straight service members. The wikileaks traitor is gay and harmed our intelligence community by leaking classified information. Some of our allies may have been killed and perhaps some of our own soldiers based upon those leaks. So the same argumentative style is used to make the point that gays can't serve openly. It comes down to cultural norms, our society right now is not ready for it. Just look at the above poll. 70 percent against the repeal. Your attempt to shame others is in itself an intolerant attitude, precisely what you are complaining against. I served in the 50s, a lot has changed in that time. But this isn't one of them. I'm proud of Tonganoxie and its midwestern values.


howiseeit 7 years, 3 months ago

Yes, the Wikileaks traitor is gay and did something terrible out of spite. Using the Wikileak as an example of how homosexuals handle their problems is also specious. It is not hypothetical that anyone enlisted can die, and they knowingly are putting themselves in that situation. I’m sure there are some enlist solely to get an education, get out of a bad situation, or feel it’s their only alternative. Much has changed since the 50s, and a lot of it bothers me too. We are a nation where everyone is equal, yet our government and people condone individuals based on their own life choices. I too have midwestern values, my opinion on this matter does not mean I don’t love our small town atmosphere and the fact I’m sad to see it changing. I am a Christian woman. I was raised on a farm. I have always worked to support myself. My parents instilled in me from childhood not to judge, because we are all different. Our nation might not agree, but we The People need to accept others for who they are.


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