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Local resident turns basement into man cave
October 14, 2009
When Steve Jack and his wife were building a house north of Lawrence, they agreed he deserved a dedicated room of his own.
Lady in the Water’ steeped in filmmaker’s ego
(PG-13) **
July 20, 2006
The movies of M. Night Shyamalan have always been steeped in the supernatural and otherworldly, whether they’ve explored life after death, alien invasions or superheroes.
Wallace & Gromit’ proves to be uncommon clay
(G) ***1/2
October 6, 2005
Forget Lassie or Benji or Toto.
A new ‘Twist’
Cast and crew find modern relevance in Dickens’ classic
October 2, 2005
Oliver Twist” is a tale of survival.
History’ unleashes themes of violence
(R) ****
September 29, 2005
So far, the best and most interesting movies of 2005 have been among the most violent.
Horror repossessed in ‘Emily Rose’
(PG-13) ***
September 8, 2005
It takes a lot of chutzpah to include the word “exorcism” in the title of a new horror movie.
Broken Flowers’ in need of repair
(R) **
September 1, 2005
When Bill Murray replaced Chevy Chase on “Saturday Night Live” in 1977, the move did not go over well with audiences. In fact, Murray was initially considered such a dull, awkward bomb that he appeared in a fake telethon sketch asking viewers to send in money to help him be funny.
The Cave’ rarely needs exploring
(PG-13) **
August 25, 2005
If establishing an atmospheric setting is half the battle when making a horror film, then at least “The Cave” gets that part right.
40-Year-Old Virgin’ consummates comedic idea
(R) ***
August 18, 2005
Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell) spends his free time reading comic books, playing his tuba and painting medieval figurines.
Sky High’ superheroes save the day
(PG) ***
July 29, 2005
How refreshing to watch a movie where superheroes revel in their powers rather than mope about them.

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