Kaitlyn Syring

Kaitlyn Syring is a staff reporter for Basehor. She is a University of Kansas graduate.

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Lansing resident, beautician celebrates 90 years
June 17, 2010
In a time when e-mails have replaced phone calls and text messages have replaced house visits, Caroline Camp keeps it old fashioned.
County budget discussion continues Tuesday
June 8, 2010
As the Leavenworth County Commission continued its budget discussions Tuesday, the struggle persisted attempting to squeeze a dollar out of a dime.
Husband and wife open leather-mending business
June 3, 2010
It’s not often losing a job turns into something beneficial, but that’s precisely what happened to Ron Seetin.
Leavenworth resident enters guilty plea for murder of child
May 15, 2010
A Leavenworth man has pleaded guilty to murdering a four-year-old child.
Second Basehor-Linwood teacher sentenced for inappropriate behavior with student
May 10, 2010
A former Basehor-Linwood High School teacher will see no jail time for engaging in inappropriate behavior with a student.
Sampler success
Festival attracts record crowd to area
May 5, 2010
Rain and small hail that moved Sunday through Leavenworth didn’t seem to dampen the overall spirit of the Kansas Sampler Festival’s debut in Leavenworth County.
Extension office settling into new digs
May 4, 2010
After three moves during her 20 years with the Leavenworth County Extension Office, Denise Sullivan is hoping this will be the last.
Leavenworth County kicks off 2010 Kansas Sampler Festival
May 1, 2010
Before the first visitors arrived Saturday at the 2010 Kansas Sampler Festival, organizers were touting the event as the biggest and best yet.
Leavenworth Country Club under new ownership
April 29, 2010
A 90-year-old part of the Leavenworth County community is in the process of a major facelift.
Former Basehor-Linwood teacher to serve two days in jail in sex case
April 14, 2010
A former Basehor-Linwood High School teacher will serve two days in jail for inappropriate sexual relations with a student.

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