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Major hones her civil-military operations skills
February 16, 2009
Army Maj. Rachel Sullivan, 32, a 1994 graduate of Leavenworth High School, was one of more than 900 officers taking part in a wargame last week at Fort Leavenworth’s Command and General Staff College.
Weapons expert takes aim at history
January 30, 2009
When Gen. George Custer and his men were wiped out in the 1876 Battle of Little Big Horn, they were more than just outnumbered by the American Indians they faced.
Army generals release new training manual
December 23, 2008
Army generals release new training manual
Training explained by Army generals
December 18, 2008
A new manual released this week outlines how the Army will train soldiers to switch from combat to civil stability operations — or do them at the same time.
Physically whole but mentally torn: Veteran with post traumatic stress relearns coping skills
November 11, 2008
There are certain roads Ted Lawyer won’t drive on when he’s alone. They remind him of roads in Iraq.
Veteran urges those with post traumatic stress disorder to get help immediately
November 11, 2008
When Ted Lawyer returned home to Lawrence after a year of duty in Iraq he didn’t realize the toll the war had taken on him.
Treatments for post traumatic stress disorder help victims reclaim ‘normal life’
November 11, 2008
Treatments for post traumatic stress disorder are continuously being updated and new methods are being studied, according to an expert on the subject.
McLouth teen killed in double shooting
Incident occurred during robbery, authorities say
June 11, 2008
McLouth man killed in Lawrence double-shooting; incident occurred during foiled robbery
June 9, 2008
A burglary and a robbery led to a shooting that left two men dead early Saturday, Lawrence Police said Monday morning.
Farmer quits dairy, making wave with fish farming
May 28, 2008
A decade ago Jeff Meyer decided to give up his family’s century-old tradition of dairy farming.

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