Peter Hancock

I cover K-12 education for the Lawrence Journal-World. That includes Lawrence USD 497 as well as state policy issues from the legislature and State Board of Education. I am a graduate of the Kansas University with bachelor's degrees in political science and education. Before joining the Journal-World, I published an online news service called the Kansas Education Policy Report. I also spent nine years as the statehouse reporter for Kansas Public Radio and worked a couple of years as the spokesman for the (former) Kansas Health Policy Authority. You can follow me on Twitter (@pqhancock) or join our conversation about public schools on the First Bell blog.

Recent stories

Kansas GOP lawmakers cite rising frustration, anger with Brownback
March 21, 2016
A rift between Republican Gov. Sam Brownback and his fellow Republicans in the Kansas Legislature was laid bare for all to see last week when the GOP-dominated Senate voted to override one of the governor’s vetoes and came within a single vote of overriding another.
GOP senators vent frustrations at Brownback, but veto override unlikely
March 15, 2016
Republican leaders in the Kansas Senate said after a heated caucus meeting Monday that they are no longer sure they have enough votes to override two of Gov. Sam Brownback’s recent vetoes.
For fourth straight year, school advocates march to Topeka, but stakes are higher than ever
March 14, 2016
Three years ago, Heather Ousley was just one frustrated mother in Johnson County who wanted to show her concern about conditions in her daughter’s school.
Kansas senator seeks to end daylight saving time
March 11, 2016
When you get elected to the Kansas Legislature, you can introduce any bill you want. And when you’re the head of a powerful budget committee, you can be pretty confident that your bill will get a hearing.
Kansas bill to impeach top court judges advances in Senate; would allow impeachment of governor, too
March 10, 2016
The Kansas Senate Judiciary Committee advanced a bill Thursday that spells out actions that could justify impeaching a Supreme Court justice or other constitutional officer, including attempting to usurp the power of another branch of government.
Kansas health care advocates continue to push Medicaid expansion, despite slim prospects in Legislature
March 3, 2016
Kansas hospital officials and other health care advocates gathered in Topeka on Wednesday to organize for a legislative fight to expand the state’s Medicaid system, known as KanCare, as allowed under the Affordable Care Act.
Federal judge refuses to block new voter registration form in Kansas
February 27, 2016
A federal judge this week refused to issue a temporary restraining order to block the U.S. Election Assistance Commission from issuing new federal voter registration forms for Kansas and two other states that ask voters to show proof of U.S. citizenship.
Justice Department: Agency cannot require proof of citizenship on federal voter registration forms
February 23, 2016
The U.S. Justice Department on Monday sided with plaintiffs in a lawsuit seeking to block a federal agency from requiring Kansas voters to show proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote using a federal form.
Kansas House passes amendment protecting hunting, fishing rights
February 22, 2016
The Kansas House on Monday passed a proposed constitutional amendment that would establish a public right to hunt, fish and trap wildlife, something that could make it more difficult for the state to regulate those activities or take actions to protect threatened and endangered species.
Kansas Republicans hold to hard-right on social issues at state convention in Overland Park
February 20, 2016
The Kansas Republican Party held firm to its hard-right stance on social issues during its state convention this weekend as various officials gave speeches railing against Planned Parenthood, same-sex marriage, the Kansas Supreme Court, the Obama administration and even the League of Women Voters.

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