Peter Hancock

I cover K-12 education for the Lawrence Journal-World. That includes Lawrence USD 497 as well as state policy issues from the legislature and State Board of Education. I am a graduate of the Kansas University with bachelor's degrees in political science and education. Before joining the Journal-World, I published an online news service called the Kansas Education Policy Report. I also spent nine years as the statehouse reporter for Kansas Public Radio and worked a couple of years as the spokesman for the (former) Kansas Health Policy Authority. You can follow me on Twitter (@pqhancock) or join our conversation about public schools on the First Bell blog.

Recent stories

Kansas Supreme Court strikes down block grant school funding law
February 11, 2016
Kansas lawmakers violated the state Constitution last year when they repealed the state’s old school finance formula and replaced it with a system of block grants for two years, the Kansas Supreme Court said Thursday.
Kansas school district realignment bill stalls, but educators still feeling the stress
February 8, 2016
After a tumultuous hearing last week, the chairman of the House Education Committee said it’s unlikely any action will be taken on a bill this year that would force the consolidation of more than half of the state’s school districts.
Kansas House vote shows weak support for constitutional amendment on judicial selection
February 4, 2016
The Kansas House voted Wednesday to advance toward final action a proposed constitutional amendment that would change the way state Supreme Court justices are selected, but the 69-53 vote was far short of the two-thirds majority, or 84 votes, needed to pass the measure.
Kansas proposed juvenile justice changes would incarcerate fewer youths; some counties express concern
February 2, 2016
Kansas lawmakers are considering a bill that would dramatically overhaul the way juvenile offenders are handled, steering lower-level offenders away from juvenile detention centers and putting more emphasis on community-based intervention programs.
Kansas minority groups push for same-day voter registration
February 1, 2016
Minority leaders in Kansas and other voting rights advocates are pushing for passage of a bill this year that they say would dramatically increase voter turnout by allowing people to register to vote on Election Day and still have their vote counted.
Shawnee lawmaker among first to sign open government pledge
January 28, 2016
A coalition of open government advocates launched a campaign Wednesday by asking state lawmakers to take a pledge of support for more transparency, greater access to public records and increased public participation.
Battle lines being drawn over Kansas school district ‘realignment’ bill
January 28, 2016
Kansas lawmakers are gearing up for what could be one of the toughest political battles seen in the Statehouse since the early 1960s, a bill that would force the consolidation of many of the state’s smaller school districts.
BB gun clubs seek access to Kansas schools
January 27, 2016
Organizers of an air gun club in south-central Kansas are urging state lawmakers to pass a bill that would guarantee them access to school facilities to hold their meetings and competitions.
Kansas oil and gas industries suffer while wind industry prospers
January 26, 2016
Falling energy prices and sluggish demand in the global market have taken their toll on the Kansas oil and gas industry, while the state’s wind energy industry has continued to see steady growth.
Efforts to repeal Kansas death penalty may be stymied by U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling
January 25, 2016
Leading up to the start of the 2016 legislative session, Kansas death penalty opponents thought they had a good chance of passing a bill this year to repeal the law.

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