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Thamar Barnett is a correspondent for The Mirror.

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Jarbalo Jottings
September 10, 2014
The Barnett family enjoyed a Labor Day picnic and baby shower Aug. 30. Drake Lee Mooberry arrived a few days early on Aug. 28 and was able to attend his own shower, which took place at Jarbalo United Methodist Church.
Jarbalo Jottings
August 12, 2014
Visitors of Orville and Rosie Oelschlaeger on Wednesday afternoon were Fleet and Margie Chancey and Richard and Ina Bryan of Kansas City, Kan.
Jarbalo Jottings
August 5, 2014
Frances Jeannin, Virginia Seymour and Alberta Heintzelman went to the graveyard service July 26 for Albert DeFrees at Mount Muncie Cemetery.
Jarbalo Jottings
July 29, 2014
Word has been received here of the death of a former resident of the area, Albert “Frosty” DeFrees. He died July 22 in Oklahoma. Services were Saturday in Mt. Muncie Cemetery, Lansing.
Jarbalo Jottings
June 3, 2014
Orville and Rosie Oelschlaeger and Gary Oleschlaeger visited cemeteries Memorial Day weekend in Morrill, Troy and Fall Creek.
Jarbalo Jottings
May 20, 2014
Gary Oelschlaeger took Orville and Rosie Oelschlaeger out to eat on Mother’s Day at Applebee’s in Leavenworth. Later in the day John and Janice Oelschlaeger, Erin and Amy of Lawrence visited them.
Jarbalo Jottings
April 30, 2014
Frances Jeannin had Easter dinner with Kenny and Wanda Jeannin. Also there were daugters Laura and Chrissie, and John and Katie Volk.
Jarbalo Jottings
April 15, 2014
On April 5, he Jaunty Jarbalonians red hat group ate at Pullman Place Family Restaurant in Leavenworth. Those in attendance were Linda Barry, Jane Turner and Thamar Barnett.
Jarbalo Jottings
March 25, 2014
Thanks to everyone who helped at the Jarbalo United Methodist Church pancake supper — either those who worked or those who came to eat and give their donations. It was all appreciated.
Jarbalo Jottings
January 29, 2014
David and Jane Turner, Tammy Mooberry and Thamar Barnett visited Kathy Stimac and Terry Drennon on Jan. 18 near their home in Emporia.

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