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High-speed chase goes through downtown Tonganoxie

He sounds like somebody that needed pulled over. That was a good call. It wasn't the LEO's that took this through downtown, it was the jerk running from them. I do think seat belt rules are stupid though. Let Darwin work! We want these people out of our gene pool!

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High-speed chase goes through downtown Tonganoxie

I drove past your house Paula, not 45 seconds before they came through. There were people in the street on bikes when I went past. These cars had to be doing 50mph or more through there. That section of the street is pretty unsafe anyway, with the poor visibility over the hill and the sidewalk weaving back and forth across the street and no pedestrian bridge across the creek.

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City Council approves salary increase for city administrator

Don't ruin a good story Sissy! This guy's comments are pretty comical!

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City Council approves salary increase for city administrator

Wait a minute - they were getting free coffee?

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Tonganoxie resident among local men arrested, again, for sale of 'K2' synthetic marijuana

I'll be the the last to pass judgement here.

The way I remember it, the state came in and confiscated their entire business including a large amount of cash and bank accounts before the stuff was illegal in the first place. The state acted like a bunch of thugs and got away with it, for no good reason. No clue what ever came out of that. If anyone's paying attention Id love to hear if they got any of that back.

Don't confuse this as acceptance of illegal activity. It's not. From what I understand what they were doing when their business was raided was 100% legal.

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U.S. 24-40 intersection talks continue to heat up

Those of you arguing against the south park/stone creek intersection must not live there. Not sure about Paula though.

The interection at stone creek and south park is very heavy at rush hour and visibility to the east in the morning is very poor. Laming road is much more steady throughout the day so the traffic numbers don't represent the real problem. I also think that a stop light at Stone creek will help the laming road intersection significantly but that a laming road stop light won't do as much for the stone creek intersection.

Some of you should try driving a vehicle with a trailer or large truck across the intersection. The lack of visibility to the east makes a condition where you physically cannot get across the intersection fast enough to get across before traffic gets there that you couldn't see when leaving.

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Clinger: An offer of support inspired by Lady Gaga

Jason: who is the one bullying here? Sitting here it looks like you're the bully.

FTR: I've known Jeff for about two decades or so. I know that he is married with children. He still could be gay, but it's none of my business (or yours) and I don't care if it were true; but I doubt that it is.

Jeff, great article!

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24-40 traffic improvement options laid out

I missed the part about the frontage road. That's not so bad.

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24-40 traffic improvement options laid out

It looks like KDOT wants to restrict left turns out of South Park and Stone Creek subdivisions. It doesn't take an engineer to see that the only way for anybody in south park to get into town is through 4th street and this will cause everybody to drive past the school and pool and parks instead, making a traffic hazard there.

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