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Tonganoxie City Council hears U.S. 24-40 traffic concerns

I agree that all those intersections are equally dengerous but I think that putting the traffic interruption as far east as possible will offer breaks in traffic at the other intersections making all of them safer. Plus laming and the ridge intersections have better sight lines each way.

I'm not convinced that slower is better though. We want traffic through town to patronize local businesses.

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Tonganoxie City Council hears U.S. 24-40 traffic concerns

Not so sure I agree with you there oldtimer. This intersection is bad because it's difficult to see east in the morning and it's hard to tell which lane another driver is in when pulling out. There's two lanes each way and a turn lane to watch out for!

I know the morning in the south park subdivision is terrible. Everyone is taking their kids to school and turning left, and you can't hardly see right because the sun is in your eyes. What's worse is that the highway is so wide that people can come up on you too fast. I don't know how many times I've pulled out with a trailer or large truck and am not through the intersection before someone has to slow down to avoid hitting me. They weren't there when I pulled out!!

I think that intersection is far more dangerous than the one at laming road. The city wants the light at Laming for the ambulance, but the ambulance can turn and go around the back behind the post office to make a left turn on the highway. It wouldn't add five seconds on to the trip. But someone is going to get killed at the south park/eagle valley subdivision if something isn't done. It's ten times worse than laming road.

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Two-vehicle accident in Tonganoxie sends one person to hospital

It's in a bad spot. Traffic is coming over the hill very fast. If you're driving a big truck or towing a trailer it's not uncommon to be in the middle of the intersection already committed to going when you first see the traffic coming but can't go fast enough to make it through without them slowing down too. Since there are no stop lights for a long way in each direction there are fewer natural breaks in traffic like there are at other intersections that allow a person an opportunity to get through.

It's also so wide there it's hard to tell which lane people are in and whether they are going straight or turning. It's about the equivelant of six lanes wide there because there is room between the left turn lanes and the traffic lanes.

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Two-vehicle accident in Tonganoxie sends one person to hospital

We should start keeping track of all the accidents at this intersection.

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NO CLASSES: Basehor-Linwood USD 458, Tonganoxie USD 464, Genesis Christian Academy cancel Thursday classes due to inclement weather

Yeah, we all know. Got the Phone call at 5:30 this morning. Grr.....

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School board extends Weseman's contract

What part are you upset about? You don't think we should pay people what they are worth? You're kind of all over the place there.

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USD 464 looking at traffic issues

It seems to me that simply reversing the entrance and exit at the middle school will do a lot to relieve traffic and congestion at those places.

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Tonganoxie police station renovations approved

Whatdahey - I didn't realize that. Thannks for clearing that up.

babs2503 - I think it can easily be done in the old post office. It's 3000 square feet. The proposed police department that didn't pass was almost as big as Lawrence's department office.

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Tonganoxie police station renovations approved

The alternate route for the chieftian trail extension is a good suggestion. It puts the trail going into the middle of eagle valley subdivision and closer to the highway and businesses. Truthfully that sounds like a good suggestion for everyone!

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Tonganoxie police station renovations approved

I'll agree with that. This is a great decision.

I do hope they fix the problems they had there in the basement - I had expected those to cost north of $10k. I wonder if this takes care of the mold and water problems?

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