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Will you be voting in the April 5 election?

Chieftain, with that attitude yep you are right county road 1 is going nowhere along with the rest of the town.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

Chokes as I have stated before, the showing was pathetic, I agree Roughly 25 % of voters put forth the effort to cast a ballot. Yes you are spot on, the urgency and impact of this issue was not brought forth enough.
Apathy is the loudest voice in this election. That has to change or this community is going to resemble many towns in the western part of the state.
No shock but none of the non voters have made the effort to comment !

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

So far the reasons for no votes are wording, they screwed up the parking lot last time, this administration, the last adminisrtation, they could shift $ around,and no higher taxes. Please give me something that is not so vague. There is always going to be adminisrtation, the wording will never be exact to every specification, there has to be some flexibility on costs, and the parking lot ? Maybe if our kids got educated properly they could solve these issues for us in the future.
Time for us yes voters to spend our energy getting all the non voters to our side. Time to get more of the students involved in the marketing campaigns. Some people are just negative and love bringing others down, so lets not waste any more breath on those who have no intent of ever saying yes.
Only 1, Old Vet, Huricane, Kirchoff ,Zod 21, Joe KS Lets get the push going now so we can accomplish what we all know needs to take place.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

Kirchoff's wife - How effective can you be as a teacher in a modular?
Please inform those who will be carping to you about not doing enough for their child.
Pinpoint - please expand. I personally would have a difficult time explaing to my children that no, I do not wish for you to have an upgraded school. I want you to be in a crowded classroom. I want you in 50 and 60 year old facilities.
Question for everyone. How many other school districts house their top administrators in a tin shed? 12,000 cars a day drive by our BOE office. Our top decision makers are in a metal building that was used as a garage for auto mechanics classes.
First impressions of the community are the schools and our top people are in a shed.
Fancy new digs are not a prequal for great ideas and decisions. Great ideas and decision makers will continue to drive on by and bypass our community though.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

Kota 51 - sad you are so bitter. Huricane 23 - keep pouring in the good comments.
Kota - please go back to typing your message on a typewriter, take it to the editor, and hope it is one that he/she sees fit to print.
Old Vet I would be honored to buy you lunch - upper 70's and passion for the future. That is just awesome. Emailing in your views - did you ever dream that would take place when you were 60 years old. So pumped some can see further than their tax statement.
Pinpoint - yes the apathy in adults is being passed down to the kids. The lack of interest by most makes those of us who do have a passion for something look crazy. Still would be interested in hearing why the no vote though.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

No voters let me give you a real sense of what you said " no" to besides a few tax dollars.
Before I mention everything that will not be taking place let me remind you that your taxes have gone down the last couple of years due to declining values so the proposed tax increase would bring you apprx. back to the tax level off 2008. Old Vet you need to run for Congress. Like he points out, we are going to get a mill increase to pay for portable classrooms.
Many people in the construction industry have been searching for steady work for some time. Hmm wonder if anyone could have landed a job? 75 new workers into town everyday. Hmm wonder if they would eat lunch at any of our locally owned eateries? 75 new workers hmm wonder if any would have moved to Tongie to be closer to work as they see progress?
Hmm, wonder if real estate people would have a major selling tool with new schools going up. Hmm wonder if your biggest investment, your home, would maintain or increase in value? Hmm wonder if some teenagers could land a summer job ?
Hmm wonder if those 75 workers might need to buy gas at Caseys?
You saved 200 dollars but how much did it cost you to save that? You pay more in cell phone taxes and TV a year than this investment.
Reaction from the student population was and I quote "No suprise, noone other than the people in school care, can we move "
That attitude permiating thru our students is not condusive for academic enrichment.
Artichokes - I do agree entirely. Pathetic showing for both sides really. Marketing efforts
need to be greatly adjusted. The money spent on signs and mailers was not effective.
The urgency and major community impact was not presented strongly enough.
Hire a couple of people that are willing to go out and present the facts, willing to ruffle some feathers, and willing to fight for this community as a whole.
I nominate Old Vet and myself.
Someone please help me out with voting procedures and laws Do votes have to be cast at the designated locations? Voting booths at the schools as the 400 cars waiting to pick up kids every day, appears to be a simple solution.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

Old Vet you nailed it perfectly. Kota 51, I do agree the wording could be cleaned up a bit but honestly the wording had very little to do with the margin of defeat.
Old Vet ( and if you are one - thank you very much for your sacrifices to give us the opportunity to vote on issues like this) we supporters need you as a spokesperson to the older residents of this terrific but painfully lagging community.
The next bond issue will have to be 75 million to keep up with costs and upgrades that will have to be made as we keep putting bandaides on gaping wounds. EVERY building will have to be upgraded in 5 years. ALL of our facilities are either outdated or within 3 years of
requiring major ovehauls.
Kota 51 - great idea on the upgrades for 2000 seats and well back in 1985 it was called astroturf - it is now called field turf. Basehor, Piper, Bonner Springs and virtually every school of our size has gone to field turf. Far less expensive than maintaining a grass field.
Forward vision of the positives is what we have to have for this entire community to move forward let alone our school system.
The school system is the largest employer in any town our size. It is the lifeblood of the community and the focal point of potential new residents. We are not going to be able to attract new people to Tongie when our motto is "Move here - we keep our taxes low and our students in trailers"
Forward thinking would show (like Basehor, and oh does that just pain me to say that)
that by attracting more quality families to town, the tax base will broaden, more sales tax dollars are brought in along with more jobs, and the burden will become less on you Elmer, Kota, and your fellow no voters.
Wyandotte County used to be the brunt of jokes for years and now with forward vision, it is the most talked about county in the sate and gets national attention.
Sadly we are the brunt of the jokes from all the surrounding communities.
We are the Royals - stuck in the memory of the good times in 1985 and hoping things will improve but unwilling to move forward and then complain why things do not improve.
Elmer you are the biggest mystery. You have land that has been for sale for years out in the area of our Middle School. A fantastic place for a subdivision - within a mile of a new school.
You could make an absolute fortune, send your grandchildren to a great college, and not have to be worried about taxes. Who knowingly and willingly will move to Tongie when they visit their childs potential classroom - Trailer 5? Not even the 1985 Royals who played on astro turf.

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