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CR1 progressing faster than anticipated

It is sad to think that nobody will be able get to a job at the toll booth. The exit and entrance booths will be fully automated. I hope everyone has the right change.

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Close friends don’t want to forget what Elliott meant to them

Zack and Jeremy, What a way to honor your friend. Zack, you make me so proud to be your Aunt.

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No medals for Tonganoxie wrestlers

Matt and Steve
Hold your heads high! You had a outsatanding season and high school career.

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Letter to the editor: Resident ashamed of board’s decision

I to have known Alan for some time. I am mad as hell that you bring up his job. He is not a delivery driver, he is a freight handler. I know this because my husband and father-in-law both work at Sears Holdings. Why do you put people down who get out of bed and go to work everyday? What line of work do you do? Never mind I dont care what you do, that is not what we are here for. Just what are the qualifications to run for school board? I guess you cant work in a warehouse.
In your other bolg you said you did not know that Tate was a man. What part of DOUG says he is a she???? Did you not read the whole names of our school board member? Maybe you will have the chance to meet Doug Tate when he is doing his everyday job! :)
If I were to bet on this. I would bet that you have a child who was part of the Theno case, and that is the reason you are so upset with the Thenos. Am I right? Will you tell me the truth?
To all the school board members, thank you for your time on Monday nights. Job well down.

Bob, thank you for getting back to me.

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Letter to the editor: Resident ashamed of board’s decision

The Alan Theno bashing by Bob can be found under the the article of firing of Dr E. Sorry Bill that this is all under your letter.

Didnt tongiegirl say sorry?

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Letter to the editor: Resident ashamed of board’s decision

Bob, I was about to ask you the same thing you asked tongiegirl. You have unhealthy hate for Alan Theno. I have to ask why? PLEASE TELL US. Is it because this man took on an issue that has gone on for years and he knew it was time for it to stop? Is it because his son won? Was you a child bully? You are a bully now. Alan Theno is not on the school board so why are you so mad at him? I hope he throws his hat in the race one more time because I will vote for him one more time.
I believe that alot of people have learned form this lawsuit, I hope that it is being stoped in the classroom. Teacher go throught countless hours of inservices to learn more on bulling, but you BOB you have have not learned anything from the lawsuit. Im sorry for you.
I hope you tell everyone just why you dislike Mr. Theno.

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