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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

Big_Dan, I drove by the old school today and it does look run down. How do they fit 900 kids in that thing is magic. I'm sold, I'll vote yes on a new bond, but only if it is for the elementary school. when is the next meeting on this thing and is it open to the public. I want to make sure it is just for the elementary school and isn't going to be a temple to public education. Will the next meeting be announced, is there a committee already formed to make these decisions.

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Police to remain downtown

I'm for moving it all into the old school building when they build the new school. Put the police, city hall, municipal court, rec commissioner, public library and any other public entitiy into it. Lease some space to the county, move the county annex there. To bad we couldn't have moved the post office in there. Save me a few dollars, one stop shop.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

This voter doesn't want his taxes going up, but it reads to me like they have a good plan, Mr. Hopkins er;Big_Dan is explaining the plan and its pros and cons, I found nothing he wrote to be condescending or patronizing, matter of fact it was refreshing to find an honest answer for a change. I know we need more space, I'd vote YES. Also, Thank you Mr. Hopkins for answering my email question, the new school would be further than 2.5 miles so my kids in Stone Creek would be eligible to ride the bus.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

Spelling: Let's hear your detailed plan.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

Hey Mr. Hopkins, I don't know if I agree with everything you've written but I sure understand a lot better what is going on and I thank you for having the courage to explain it online. I wish our city council would do the same and not hide behind anonymity.

Hey Kansanjayhawk, give us your detailed plan, you've been critical of everything and act like you know it all. Let's her your detailed plan? I'm curious if you have any idea what is going on. IMHO you just want the school district to kiss your butt and make you feel important.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

Mr. Hopkins,
Excellent information but a little too long. I was wondering why we can't build another elementary school, perhaps in the Stone Creek Subdivision. That would also solve having to bus young kids to school or have them walk to school?

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

The unemployment rate in Kansas is 6.1%. The unemployment rate in Leavenworth county is 7.0% with the city of Leavenworth carrying most of that 7.1% and the county estimated at 5.3% to 5.5%.

Exactly how does the national average matter in this case?

The proposed school bond would be for 18-19 million at about 1.75% interest for 20 to 25 years. (Interest rates at all time low) which would cost 22,100,000 million at the current rate 1.75 over 25 years. State will fund 9,000,000 million of the cost.

Wait 4-5 years and the 34% state copay will probably be repealed so we'll have to fund the entire building 27 million. But in 4-5 years building costs will probably rise 10% or even 15%. Now we're at 30-32 million. When factoring in the interest rates that could be anywhere from 5-8% then we're talking about 53 million dollars at 5% over 25 years.

So the Dennis plan will cost us 53 million dollars if we wait 4 years.
The proposed bond if passed in November will cost us 22 million dollars.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

There is a need, the elementary school has conducted physical education classes in the hallways. Lunch starts at 10:30 so they can process all the kids through the cafeteria. The art teacher just left because she doesn't have a classroom. Again, it shows you have no experience at public administration.

Tonganoxie Mirror,
The bond as I understood it was for 66% of 27 millions dollars. The bond would then be for 18 million dollars because the state will pay for 34% of the building. I may be off but this is what was explained to me by one of the board members. Could you please clarify the following: "A roughly $30 million bond issue could be on the ballot for local voters in November." Is that statement true or false?

Thank you.

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School board to hear public comment on bond issue

Come on Dennis, have you been in our elementary school this century? It is pathetic, falling apart, we have kids in trailers and huts in the back. I'll be surprised if they can use the building for other purposes. Most of it should be torn down. The new addition in the back might be ok but the restrooms are small (for kids) and old.

We can't afford to vote no again. What will it cost? about $20 to $30 dollars more a year? Really Dennis, you're that strapped you can't afford $20 a year?

When the economy eventually gets better then interest rates will rise, inflation, and teacher , administrative, and support staff salaries will also rise. The fed is practically giving money away right now, what are bonds now 2-2.5%. Basehor had a bond renegotiated at just under 1.95%. Labor, contracting, materials, bond rates, and costs in general are at a perfect price to build a new elementary school. It will probably cost between 20 and 25 million this bond. Wait five years when the economy rebounds and it may cost somewhere near 40 or 45 million with an interest rate on that bond at 5-6%.

Back to the first question, if you haven't seen the pathetic, overcrowded elementary school, then you are uninformed. And if you are Dennis, then you really don't understand public administration and municipal management.

What will it be in 5 years when the occupancy goes from 114% to 125% or greater. I moved here three years ago with my family. My son is attending TES. I probably should have moved to Basehor. I'm a tea party conservative in my late 30s, I don't want more taxes, but I know the difference between a want and a need. To ignore a bonafide need, to kick it down the road, is selfish and stupid.

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