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Kansas: 1,100 furloughed because of government shutdown

WOW, an unbiased report of the news from Mr. Rothschild...refreshing and there may be hope for journalism at the LJW. I won't hold my breath but I will hope. I do enjoy the Mirror every week, the LJW only once a month.

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Kansas Democratic Party targets two U.S. representatives in wake of government shutdown

I stand with Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins. God bless her and protect her!!! The Obama Crime Syndicate is out of control. Too many scandals to count anymore and they selectively enforce the laws so who are they to comment on the ACA and its implementation as law. It is riddled with exceptions, exemptions and waivers for Obama cronies, that is just wrong. If the ACA is good enough for the average American, it should be good enough for all, anything less is corrupt and unAmerican. Let freedom ring again in this country, stop the nanny state.


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What is more unpopular: Congress or Obamacare?

The trifecta of dislike: Congress, Obamacare, and the biased media. The IRS and domestic spying coming in a close fourth and fifth. Gun control in at sixth and EPA regulations at seventh followed by the supreme court justices in at eighth. Tied and rounding out the top ten, global warming scam and LJW online edition heavy censorship on the comments section.

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THS girls fall to Paola in state opener

A great season Ladies, we are so proud of the sportsmanship and excellence you've displayed all season. Thank you for representing our community in such an exemplary manner.

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Voters approve new elementary school

We have received some questions regarding the new school and the middle school and which grades will be in each building. The Middle School currently has fifth through eighth grade. When the New Elementary school is built it will hold Kindergarten through fifth grade. The Middle School will return to sixth through eighth grade.

Thank you USD 464 patrons for your trust and foresight in passing the school bond. It has been an honor to serve on the board of education. We truly have a remarkable community.
Dan Hopkins
Board Member

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Chieftain football gets by Lansing in opener

Congrats! Great job team. Thanks coaches. Go Chieftains!!

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The Leavenworth County Fair is just around the corner. To what are you most looking forward to regarding this year's fair?

Recommend the Angus Burgers at the VFW food stand, they're awesome. My kids like the fried oreo's the VFW sells.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

We will have informational meetings but they have not yet been scheduled. We are in the process of gathering information to get a better picture of what all needs to happen. Particularly regarding the new building, how it will look, and what it will cost and what we will do with the old building if Option C is pursued. We are going to speak to the city next week and we should have a better understanding of what the city expects by our July meeting. I would like to see a facebook page for community feedback and a place to get up to date information as we progress. Information will be posted on the district web page, brochures and information papers will be published and press releases to the paper. I know I will be speaking at the candidate forums at the VFW in July and October regarding this bond and others may wish to join me. We have already had a very positive outpouring of support from many in the community who see this as a more viable plan than the last bond. Some of these community leaders have also expressed a desire to speak at some of the presentations. We will coordinate with the Mirror well in advance to publicize these events.
Dan Hopkins

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

We have meetings with the city in the next couple of weeks to discuss options and gather additonal information regarding their needs and how we can mutually benefit the taxpayers with minimal impact. We should have some information on those aspects at the July meeting.

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USD 464 board looking at bond issue for $30 million elementary school

Option B is cheaper in capital outlay costs but it doesn’t resolve some of the long term problems that have been plaguing our district. If we build an intermediate school then we will have room in the elementary school. But we will be at almost 450-500 students with the projected size of this year’s kindergarten class. The elementary school requires work over the next couple of years to repair and upgrade the plumbing, attain ADA compliance, and conduct roof repairs on an older addition. The projected $700,000 is an estimate right now. Maintenance on the old building is taking a heavy toll on the district’s operating budget. Adding another building to maintain and staff is not an option with the current budget figures. Utility costs; electricity, diesel and natural gas have gone up appreciably over the past three years. We cannot raise our mill levy enough to cover all the additional costs and we are not going to get additional funding from the state to offset the increases with an additional building.

Capital outlay funds are different from general funds and the two cannot be transferred back and forth. If we go with option B we can’t afford to pay staff, utility and maintenance costs. If we go with option C we can make it work. Option A gets us a couple of years and we’re still hemorrhaging money on the old school. Option B gets us some space, but again, we’re looking at having to replace TES down the road and we can’t afford to maintain it. In the past three years our budget has been cut over $2,000,000 from the state and costs have risen. This has forced considerable reductions in our support staff and adjustments to our certified staff (teachers). We did get four buses this year. We still have several more buses that are fast approaching their lifecycle. We’ve implemented fees and cost shares in some programs, leased equipment instead of buying, renegotiated bonds, contracts, and purchases to get through the year. We have nothing else to cut except sports and activities and it has been discussed in several neighboring districts and some have cut middle school activities.

We have maintenance repair and replacement cost issues because the district has done several “additions” to the elementary school and the high school over the past 40-50 years. The patchwork has served us well over that time but it has become problematic now to maintain and forecast repair costs. A wing of the high school is this month getting the roof replaced at considerable cost. We put money aside for a couple of years to afford the work so we could save on interest payments had we borrowed the money. We have another roof repair in a couple years. TES is overcrowded and we can’t afford options A or B. I hope I answered your question or at least gave you insights into why I selected Option C. We’ll have more information at the July meeting. I encourage you to attend.

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