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To the editor: Outdated THS science labs disappointing to former student

It wasn't there originally. It was updated after I pointed it out.

The writer of the letter is a whiner, it was the good citizens of Tonganoxie that approved the bond issue to pay for the upgrades and new Middle School. If all of you had been active, if all of you had been informed you might have brought this issue up. Where were you? Dohh.

So the lesson is get involved or what you say is worthless. Ms. Drohles article is silly and whiney at best.

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Holland won’t seek support from the Kansas Chamber of Commerce

Holland was against the Holcomb energy plants. Holland is against business. Makes perfect sense to me that private enterprise would be against a tax and spend liberal.

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To the editor: Outdated THS science labs disappointing to former student

I'm calling BS on the above story. No name? No identity? Riiiggghhhhtttt.

Nothing to read in the letter to the editor, move along.

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Holland taps Wyandotte County senator as running mate

Kultala was involved in voter intimidation that warranted an investigation. However, the Kansas AG (Steve Six) and the Wyandotte DA were both Democrats. She was caught on a phone message released to the Leavenworth Times. She had to admit to it but no charges? Hmmm.

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Tuition decision reversed


That was hillarious. Thanks, can I share that with others, priceless.


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Tuition decision reversed


Mr. Parker is an athletic director or activities director. I'm not sure of the title. The High School principal seems pleased with Parker's performance and work. I agree with you in questioning the need for a full time AD.

"To allow someone to teach, any form of curriculum, when they themselves are not certified teachers, is astounding."

Why? There are programs in place that allow persons with a degree to teach while seeking certification. There are trades and industrial arts that don't require certification or degree to teach. Junior ROTC doesn't require certification for its instructors. These classes count as credit, count as a letter grade, and contribute to the students total experience in school. THS doesn't have JROTC but the example is germane.

I don't consider you an adversary, just a person with a different opinion. I have learned a few things from you and I am now better informed. After this lengthy discussion I think the school board is doing ok, if 12,000 or 14,000 is all that has gotten a few persons panties in a bunch then there isn't really much to whine about. It certainly isn't the half million the Theno's scammed or the 50 thousand Brun waltzed away with. It isn't the 100,000 accounting error Dr. Erickson made with the tax report, and it isn't a million and a half for a performing arts center that we really didn't need. Considering the recession, jobless rate, and low revenues this is hardly a blip on the computer screen.

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Tuition decision reversed

Finally the Fred Phelps wanna be is posting against the board again. The Theno lawsuit was a sham and now the Theno case followers are in whine and attack mode.

Brian and Silence, Thanks for the good discussion. I believe the current board is doing a good job in these tough times. They selflessly volunteer, they are not compensated, and they believe they are contributing to make the community a better place. Lansing is experiencing the same issues, no difference.

The superintendent is an executive managing a budget over 15 million dollars, coordinating the efforts of over 200 employees, presiding over a student population of about 2000 and managing property and assets valued at over 50 million dollars. That is a lot of responsibility!

We'll have to agree to disagree. Thanks.

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Tuition decision reversed

I don't know exactly what Ms. Phillips does during her day. I'm giving the benefit of a doubt to the new board and new superintendent. I'm also unaware of Mr. Parkers full schedule. I believe he teaches some leadership classes and sports II or something. So he has a duel role. I don't know what is discussed in executive session, I wish the board could release that information, it would certainly clear up a lot of questions.

Some kids don't want to learn, some don't have much potential. We need workers, we need skilled laborers, its honest work, and it is fulfilling to many. An over emphasis on college education has turned off many students. In Europe and Asia students are channelled into areas they have potential in. Not required but recommended to the parents. If Johnny has an IQ of 85 why should he go to high school in a college prep curriculum? Why not educate him in a field (trade) that will benefit him, keep him interested and in trade school. And if Jane has an IQ of 115 and wants to be a housewife, then why not let her pursue that endeavor. It would be much more efficient, and better tailored to meet the needs of our kids. With the european model we could go a step further and turn over athletics and activities to clubs and associations. Tax payers shouldn't have to pay for football, band, or cheerleading.

There is nothing wrong with being a "ditch digger", it is honest work. Cooking burgers at McDonalds, another honest job with advancement opportunities. If ones potential is fast food, then embrace it and do it well.

Many of our grandparents worked as janitors, cooks, construction labor, etc. They got by and didn't require a 3,500 square foot home, two cars, etc, etc, etc. Average teacher salaries in USD 464 is over 50,000. That is a good living for 9 months. The superintendent is an executive managing a budget around 15 million dollars, coordinating the efforts of over 200 employees, presiding over a student population of about 2000 and managing property and assets valued at over 50 million dollars. That is a lot of responsibility!

If a teacher is spending their own money then they are outside the approved curriculum, it is for personal satisfaction. They have received their reward.

Many teachers have seen their salaries increase in the step system. So to say they have had no raises is untrue. Teachers that have attained advanced degrees are compensated for the additional certification. Teachers that have attained tenure are on a step salary system, they get raises automatically. So they have been seeing an increase in their salaries.

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Tuition decision reversed

When Mr. Hayden was hired it was for $90,000 according to the mirror. I haven't read of any change to that salary.

Public education is dumbing down.

It has been written about in the Washington Post, in Newsweek, and several other sources. Research indicates that we will fall further and further behind as long as we continue to subsidize poor performance. Equal access, equal opportunity, not equal grades. Ignore the smart kids and focus resources on the unwilling and unable kids. A recipe for mediocrity. If you are a parent it is your personal responsibility to your child to educate them. If you feel a public education is enough then that is your choice, if you wish to supplement it with home work or tutoring then so be it. If you choose homeschooling good for you. I choose to supplement my childrens public education with home instruction and distance learning.

Phillips is being compensated appropriately. If the teachers don't like it then they can transfer into education administration. It is all about choices. Again, Mr. Hayden makes 30,000 less than many of the surrounding superintendents. They also have assistant superintendents that make more money than Phillips. We have two great administrators we are paying less than their market value and we have 100+ teachers we are paying at the top scale in averages. So again, whats your point? Do you want to work for 30,000 less than your peers? If you were working for 30,000 less and your assistant was working for less than her peers would you ask for fair compensation? A good leader takes care of his/her subordinates, Mr. Hayden is taking care of the teachers and his staff. The statistics/averages are conclussive evidence to the same.

I don't like the board of education. You can read my posts from a year ago and see I am not a friend of theirs. I don't know much about the new members, but the ones on the board two years ago were the worst. I do however think they were justified in awarding Phillips a raise. When and if funding returns we should continue to operate lean, give raises to teachers, and give a considerable raise to Hayden if he continues to steer this ship (USD) through the rough waters of this recession.

Good discussion. I'll read any replies this evening. Perhaps you guys might call a board member or email them. Get an insight to what they were thinking when they justly rewarded Ms. Phillips hard work and dedication above and beyond the requirements of her contract.

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Tuition decision reversed

According to the KS Dept of education these are the following salaries for a superintendent at schools in the area. Based on 2008 and 2009. (113,090 was Dr Ericksons) Mr. Hayden makes considerably less.
2008 2009
TONGANOXIE 111,050 / 113,090
JEFFERSON WEST 125,036 / 126,001
PIPER-KANSAS CITY 125,100 / 127,172
BONNER SPRINGS 163,802 / 159,393
FT LEAVENWORTH 121,458 / 121,458
DESOTO 173,299 / 172,000
BASEHOR-LINWOOD 134,359 / 134,862
LANSING 145,093 / 147,684
Smaller districts like McLouth and Easton are around 100,000.

Average teacher salaries for Leavenworth County according to the KSDE. 2008-2009
EASTON 47,471
LANSING 52,417

USD 464 seems to be taking care of educators at the sacrifice of the administrators.

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