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Tuition decision reversed

Your entire position then rests upon subjective opinion and little fact. Again, 2 para's and 20 coaching/mentor positions. Facts indicate education over athletics. As for education, it is ultimately the parents responsibility, not the governments. The government provides resources, opportunities, etc, but in the end who is responsible, the parent. It is the belief that government must provide even above an opportunity to learn that is wasting tax dollars on programs with little or no benefit. Schools should provide an educational opportunity, not every child is an "A" student and we shouldn't act like they all have that potential. They all have an opportunity to equal access to education, not equal results. Public education today is shifting to this dangerous attitude and our schools are 'dumbing down' to create a bunch of equals.

A weeks worth of work? Avg teacher salary $45,000 divided by 9 months, further divided by 4 weeks is about $1,250 dollars. Our administrators are already the lowest paid in the metro. Having them forgo 1 week is not a rational answer. And how do you know what the board was thinking when the decision was made? Perhaps the superintendent made the decision with board approval with both in mind. I'm certain the teachers union had a say in it and I didn't read or hear of any opposition.

Thanks for the spell check, I was being lazy. You didn't answer how you created a 'verified' alias? Seems a moderator has that authority. hmm?

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Tuition decision reversed

Para's are not teachers, 2 para's versus close to 20 coaches and mentors is in my opinion pro education. Summer school is continued for 1-4th grades (Private tutors and schools like Sylvan, also distance learning opportunities for 5th and on, parent responsibility). Activities with the COOP are ongoing for special needs and available throughout the summer. Teachers are not receiving raises, admin staff are not receiving raises with the exception of one person who is assuming the duties of several recently vacated positions. I am unaware of any attempt to hire additional/new administrative staff. Perhaps you have information as you are employed in USD 464, I don't have that info. Their webpage does not display any vacancy announcements. Summer weight training was reduced significantly and compensation for the two remaining coaches reduced.

After school programs? Could you be specific, I read nothing concerning the loss or cancellation of these programs. Perhaps some reductions, but no mention of termination.

Teacher compensation? I believe the board voted to reduce the school year because several snow days were not required. The teachers do not have to come to work for those days and will receive pay and benefits. What is a weeks salary worth, about $1300-$1500 dollars? Sounds like the board is considering the teachers and rewarding them in these times.

Why do I care? I am a graduate of THS and I have children attending Lansing and Tonganoxie school districts. I also own property in both areas and pay property taxes that go to both districts. I'm curious, how did you become a verified user with a Ben Franklyn alias?

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Tuition decision reversed

First of all, Ms. Phillips is already employed by the district, an administrative position was NOT added. Merely her title clarified as I read it.

Secondly, several administrative positions have been vacated by recent resignations and retirement: Dr. Erickson retires this summer, the transportation and food service directors both resigned and have not been replaced. As I understand it, Mr. Hayden and Ms. Phillips are assuming these responsibilities and duties. The Administrative staff and school support staff have not filled vacated positions with the exception of a counselor for the middle school.

Finally, as I understood the story, no teachers positions have been cut, none! However, several coaching and extra curricular activity mentor positions were cut. This indicates that the focus is on education. Additionally, last month the district purchased new textbooks and computers for students to include software for students.

I wish my school board in Lansing was as efficient as USD 464. As a THS grad and with family in the community I can say with confidence that this board is unified, has a vision and is committed to education (students & staff) and aware of the communities concerns. Sound stewardship and proactive, sums up for me this board.

Now the next question is what to do with the out of district students in 2012, my opinion, send them back to their own districts.

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Tuition decision reversed

I agree, 122 out of district students is too much. With overcrowding and such the district should consider eliminating out of district attendance.

Hayden makes about 30,000 less than the upper end superintendents in the area. In Lansing our superintendent (Dr Bagby) makes over 130,000. Hayden I believe makes 105,000. In Lansing we have an assistant superintendent and a Director of Curriculum.
As I am aware, Ms. Phillips has taken on much more responsibility, wouldn't this indicate a need to properly compensate her. I wonder if you've emailed or called your board of education members. In Lansing we get answers pretty quick. You've just got to ask. I've found over the years that those that run their mouths the most are the least informed.

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Tuition decision reversed

You're uninformed. You claim she received a "glorified secretary title"? Well, that statement alone proves your lack of intelligence concerning this matter. Why don't you run for the school board, maybe you can do a better job. Or maybe you should go to school, get a masters degree in school administration, and do Mr. Haydens job. Or maybe you are waiting for a McDonalds to open in T-Town so you can realize your real potential. Yes Richard, I'll have fries with that order.

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Letter: Humane Society not anti-farmers

Again, HSUS is the equivelent of ACORN. An out of control corrupt activist organization. ACORN had 3-star ratings, now ACORN is bankcrupt and exposed. HSUS is on the same track in my opinion. Animal rights? Please be serious, I eat animals.

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Letter: Humane Society not anti-farmers

ACORN used to have the same endorsements. HSUS is just another activitist group working to "Change" America. HSUS, we don't want your change.

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Letter: Humane Society not anti-farmers

The HSUS is a radical group with an agenda to outlaw hunting and impose restrictive regulations against ranchers and farmers. I'm tired of the radical left attacking everything in our country that has made us great. Tell the truth, the HSUS would impose restrictions that would drive many beef producers out of business, make poultry prohibitively expensive, and would cause hunger on a scale not known since the great depression.
Quit attempting to impose your beliefs upon everyone else!

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Do you agree with the Tonganoxie School Board's decision to not renew Richard Erickson's contract as superintendent?

I find it hard to believe that 36 people just voted in the last 10 minutes?

I believe this poll lost any objectivity at about 4;00PM and the tally was 302 against the school board and 96 for the school board. Now it is a matter of who wants to waste their time and vote 100 times. 75% against the school board. Interesting that the board either misjudged public opinion or completely disregarded it.

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Erickson to finish career as part-time official

Now you're "ranting" on about being a victim? Please, you weren't victimized on this discussion. I am very old and hold a belief that women should be elevated above the fray of politics. Women were created by God to have the traits that they do. That is my belief, it does not belittle you or any woman. It merely reflects Kansas values that have been passed by for something I feel is not better. We could argue all day about who said this or who said that and we'd be dumber for it. I speak from personal experience with the Theno family. I speak from decades of experience in Tonganoxie. I've known of the Smith family for years, she grew up here in Tonganoxie. I have a different opinion of her based upon my life and community experiences.

A professor ridiculed a small town, that won't be the first time. The school district has good scores, the community supports the district, by the results of the poll on this issue it is apparent the community is in disagreement with the board so what is your issue? The board made a mistake, they're human. But they should be accountable for their mistake, they should take responsibility for their mistake and either reconsider the superintendents contract and renew it or they should resign. If they don't resign then they should be recalled by the citizens of this communtiy.

Get over yourself. You're not the victim here, Dylan Theno isn't the victim, the victims are the citizens of the school district that have to endure the incompetence of a school board riddled with flawed personalities and vengful arrogance.

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