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Erickson to finish career as part-time official

ksu tchr,
you have a lot to learn about tolerance. You personally attack me but I have done no such thing to you. I respect your right to have an opinion very much different than mine. You however have shown your closed mindedness by insulting me.

I guess this is the new left, tolerant when ideas are the same as theirs. The new America, national socialist liberalism. Ksu_tchr, I fought in a great war to rid us of your ilk, your enlightened hate is very dangerous and I see it creeping into our great nation. You'd have people silenced if they don't share your values and ideas. That is a very dangerous ideology.

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Erickson to finish career as part-time official


Apparently you have common sense. It is pretty simple to see the problem the board created. And Smith is a problem on the board. It is not illegal but it should be, members of the NEA should not be on school boards, it is a conflict of interest, it is unethical and common sense says its wrong.

As for Tate, I assumed he was a woman. I'm old fashioned, and an old man, and I just can't see an impartial male making an hysterical emotional decision like voting to release a superintendent during this fiscal crisis. Men use reason and logic to make decisions, women rely upon emotions. So I assumed Tate was a woman, apparently he just thinks like one. My appologies to Mr. Tate.

This is exactly why our founding fathers did not include women as voters. Look at our past, American socialism has run amok since the 19th Amendment was ratified. Had these women not been on the school board, there would have been a reasonable decision made.

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Letter to the editor: Resident ashamed of board’s decision

Amy H.

I don't hate Alan, I've known him for some time. When this was going on he threatened me and harassed me because I knew the facts behind the case. I know the history of what happened and I know how he felt about his son not being the son he hoped he'd be. Alan projected that perceived failure on the district and blamed everyone but himself. Then he took money from every resident of the school district. If you pay property taxes, you paid Alan whether you liked it or not, whether it was fair or not.

Tongiegirl said sorry? So what, her true feelings were expressed and her true intollerance was exposed. She was attempting to bully Doc W. Doc wasn't going to let himself be bullied. Alan Theno bullied us residents that pay taxes.

Theno for school board, we'd be in real trouble then. His qualifications as a delivery driver for Kmart would be transfered to the management of a school district spending millions and oversite of a thousand children, hundreds of employees, that sounds like a comparable skill set to delivery driver? N O T !

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Letter to the editor: Resident ashamed of board’s decision

WOW, tongiegirl, do you harbor some hate or what?


I repeat that you should run for the school board. We need your integrity and compassion on the board. Your presence will return some modicum of dignity to that forum.


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Erickson to finish career as part-time official

The Theno case was a sham. Again, the family was dysfuntional to begin with. The kid, as stated in the case was outside the norm, abnormal in behavior. The father blamed everyone but himself. The court documents cite that Dylan's behavior was not normal, it is a clear failure of nurturing and the responsibility is primarily upon the parent. It is easy to say the School District did it. But that's not the case, it was bad parenting. Anyone that has been in Tongie for 50 years certainly knows about Alan's "quirks".

Again, Baragary, Smith and Leslie should resign immediately. If Dr. Erickson brought shame to the district and was released then likewise the three shame ridden board members should follow the reasoning they've set forth and also spare the district, resign NOW!!

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Letter to the editor: Resident ashamed of board’s decision

Almost everyone I speak with in Tonganoxie voices the same sentiments as yours. How could the board vote him out with SO much community support. It was something like 80% (+) in favor of keeping the superintendent.

Bill, reconsider running for the board this year!! We need you to bring balance, honesty and integrity back to the board.

Leslie, Smith, Baragary and Tate, you ladies should resign immediately. You're a disgrace to this proud community.

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Erickson to finish career as part-time official

The bullying issue was the result of really bad parenting. Having lived in this community for over 50 years I can tell you that the family that bilked the district was the result of a father that is out of control. Living through his son and causing most of the problems as a result. He was a problem when he was young, he attempted to rectify it through his son. Almost criminal, too hard to prove. The $400,000 they took from us, the taxpayers, is akin to stealing in my opinion. He's been that way for 40(+) years.

Bill Weatherford is right on target. The board had a couple of people that settled a personal grudge. The board approved the buyout of Jamie Brun. I hate to imagine what Brun would have done had he/she joined the military. Brun got yelled at one time and had a hissy fit. Welcome to blue collar America. Brun showed us he should have been a hairdresser.

The four feminists should resign, Smith, Baragary, Leslie and Tate. If not, then they should be recalled.

Tonganoxie is so ashamed of our board it is hard to temper the remarks that should really be posted here. Alan Theno has no reason to run for the school board now, his proxy's have done his filthy work for him. I really don't know how smith, Leslie, Baragary and Tate can show their faces in town. Most of the people will look at them in disgust. I guess Alan Theno will clue them in on how to live with it.

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Board’s final vote is Monday

If you mean the people that live outside of the city limits of Tongie then you're out of touch. They still belong to or are represented by the board of the USD 464. I was there, if there were individuals there that are not living in the district then it had to be between 2 and 4 people. Most people there I knew and can attest to their business at the meeting. It was easily 80% for Dr. Erickson and 20% I'm not sure about. That is a pretty strong statement from the community!!

Baragary, Smith, Tate and Leslie should do us all a favor, do whats best for the district and resign immediately. Their personal vendetta was put before the needs of the children. Under Dr. Ericksons leadership the Children have increased in scores and assessments each year.

The four activists must GO!!

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Superintendent to take new job within district

Three School Board Members should be recalled. This community is outraged. Kathy Baragary, Leana Leslie, and Kay Smith are out of control, they are not taking into account the wishes of their constituents, and have put personal agendas before sound judgement. Mr. Tate should be considered for recall. Of course, the three could save us all a lot of trouble if they immediately resigned.

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Board’s final vote is Monday

The board voted to not renew the Superintendents contract. They did this in spite of overwhelming support this evening at the Board meeting.

Kay Smith, board member and NEA activist/teacher from Leavenworth USD has an agenda against administrators because of her own frustration in the Leavenworth School district.

Leana Leslie is out of touch with the community. At board meetings she seems out of touch with the proceedings as they're unfolding in front of her.

Kathy Baragary has had an agenda before she got elected. She, Jamie Brun and Mr. Theno have publicly displayed a vendetta against Dr. Erickson.

It is a shame that the new guy on the Board, Mrs. Tate acted like the rest of the female activists and voted her agenda instead of representing her constituents.

It is important to note that a recall election of these feminist activists is the only recourse remaining.

Ashamed of the School Board,

Bob Busk,
Voter/Tongie Resident

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