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Middle school principal settling in to new post

Congratulations Mark Farrar!
You are a welcome addition to our middle school. I hope you have smooth transition into our school and district.

Good Bye MRS. Dickerson, you will not be missed by most of the parents, staff, and community. I don't have kids in the middle schools anymore and still couldn't be happier to see one educator leave. Good or bad about her the student moral will be up, the teachers will be relieved and parents will be grateful.

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Tonganoxie High grad makes debut competing in Abdallah Shrine Rodeo

A rebuilding year, 100 competions a year, doesnt sound like Miss Boylan plans to take it easy on her horse. Hopefully, the horse can handle the stress after such a tough year. Good luck

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Remembering Bo

Bo is a Tonganoxie original. Upon hearing of his passing I was overwhelmed about our communities loss. There will be no replacing this man or his shoes. Every young man could benefit from having just a little of Bo's knowledge, values and ethics. Bo will be missed by everyone and to everyone who loved him, my deepest sympathies are with you.

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Teens respond to city's Emergency Service Cadet Program

This is a great program to incoorperate into our community. The Tonganoxie community will be benefiting in so many ways from building future leaders, having strong independent thinkers to respond when needed, and the ability to build young men and women with great character. Thank you to the program developers, organizers, volunteers and young people participating. I hope you make a new program sucessful.

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THS football ends long week with 28-point 'W'

Great playing boys! You showed amazing TEAM work and played to you best ability. Keep rising to the occassion.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

My son and a few classmates that I am aware of did not play football because of the coaching staff. That was their decision or their parents decision. They choose not to put themselves on the team for personal reasons. That does not make them good or bad, just people with fore thought. However, students who sign up to play, should give 100% for the whole season. I do however, know Mr. Elston personally and cannot say he is a good/bad person but I do not always agree with his opinion, coaching or life philosophy. Therefore, my son does not play football. My only issue is that he QUIT, as a man/coach, stand up and show you team, school, fans, parents, school administration and most importantly your players that you stand up for yourself and what you are coaching good or bad. Hopefully, when Mr. Elston and his family come to watch his son play football, let's all respect him and his family and allow him to enjoy his family and the sport that he loves. Good luck to the Elstons with the rest of the year. They are above all still part of our community and should be treated as such.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

westdot, What hate in your message. Kids are not dingleberries, none of them. I agree that all educators should be aware, held up to a high standard and responsible, but to threaten and put them on notice. Mr. Elston was benched for games for his behavior just as he would a player that was in a similar situation. He QUIT!!! He couldn't or choose not to handle the situation, he QUIT. As a coach, mentor, leader and rolemodel, he clearly made a stand to show his skills, mental stability as a coach, leadership skills by QUITTING, instead of backing up his actions. One thing we should all remember, he does have a son on this team and his behavior and actions should not affect or reflect on him, he is a member of the team regardless of his coach/fathers actions or inactions.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Good question

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Double celebration

Congrats! What an accomplishment. Not many people no someone for 70 years let alone be married for 70 years.

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