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Tonganoxie council member, former administrator facing off in Leavenworth County Commission race

It is really too bad that Bill Peak is not running for county commissioner. He would be a better candidate than either of the two who are running. He has not used his seat on the city council as a stepping stone to a higher office with a salary, as Mr. Bixby has done. He voted for the non-renewal of Mr. Yanez knowing it would be best for the city and not for any personal agenda. The biggest problem with this commissioner's race is lack of a qualified candidate. Unfortunately, the people will have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

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Tonganoxie council member, former administrator facing off in Leavenworth County Commission race

Everyone on the council knows why Yanez's contract was not renewed. Unfortunately, the reasons were discussed in executive sessions and are not available to the public. This is good for Mr. Yanez, but not so good for the public at large. I feel certain there were plenty of good reasons for the action taken by the council and equally certain that no sunshine laws were violated.

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Letter to the editor: Vote needed on prayers at Historical Society meetings

Bob, I'm pretty sure the Historical Society IS a secular organization formed to promote the History of Tonganoxie. It was not formed to promote religion. All people, whether of faith or not are welcome to come to the monthly meetings. If prayer is that important to you maybe a prayer before you come or a personal silent prayer as soon as you get there would be the way to go.

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Tonganoxie City Hall void filled

I am still wondering why, when the council voted in August not to renew Mr.Yanez's contract, there is not already a new Administrator in place. In fact the search that should have started no later than September 2011 is only just begun in Jan. 2012. WHO DROPPED THE BALL?

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Conceptual plan for Chieftain Trails extension. The trail is to be on the Jan. 23 agenda of the Tong

I think the trails are one of the best things going for Tonganoxie. It seems like there is
always someone out walking here.

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Leavenworth County warning sirens used correctly, official says

I'm in the better safe than sorry camp.

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Board takes close look at long-term growth, gives nod to hiring Title I teacher

"It's upsetting." Is that the same as "oh well"? Sounds like we should be planning to pay for a new building or two every couple of years. We can also probably look forward to a 4 or 5 mill increase in our school taxes every couple of years. Oh well, its only money. Maybe they could add enough money to the next bond proposal to include a printing press and we could just print how every much we need! Wake up board members! Use a little creativity. I cannot believe that we do not have enough space in the three buildings we already have to house 2000 students. How about hiring additional full and part-time teachers to accommodate longer school days, split shifts, year round classes.....?

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Tonganoxie School Board looks at future facility planning

I agree with the "monkey". It is time to start finding ways to alleviate crowded schools with alternative scheduling and year round classes . We really do not need any additional buildings that will sit empty for 3 months out of the year.

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Sunday liquor to be on ballot

Just what is it with the “family values” mantra? You don’t seem to have a problem sending our sons and daughters to war to “defend our freedoms” yet you then want to tell everyone we have to live by your ultra conservative religious values and call it “community values”. Please remember that one of those freedoms says we cannot have laws forcing religion on the population nor can we keep the population from free exercise of their religion. This is not a contradiction. If the liquor store is open on Sunday – anyone who believes it is okay to purchase on Sunday can; anyone whose religious beliefs prohibit purchasing liquor on Sunday stays out of the store. Besides it is not the purchase, but the consumption of the alcohol, that causes problems. Frankly, it seems pretty inconsistent to me that something is okay to do on Friday but must be banned on Sunday. It is also inconsistent that we would close the store on Sunday but not Saturday or after sundown on Friday, for that matter. What about Jews or 7th day Adventists who observe the Sabbath on Saturday instead of Sunday. My own personal “family value” is to have respect for other peoples’ religious and cultural differences. I have never found that to be a threat to what I believe. If I believed purchasing or consuming alcohol was immoral you would not find me in a liquor store no matter what day it was open.

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