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Food stamp battle spans from Kansas to D.C.

I suspect the 80/20 rule applies to food stamp beneficiaries - 80% are legitimate beneficiaries and 20% are fraudulent. But the Kansas leadership appears to want to toss all 100% into the ditch over time.

"Get a job!!!" seems to be the GOP's answer to the unfortunate. But keep in mind that the Kansas unemployment rate has escalated from 5.5% to 5.9% since Brownback instituted his state income tax giveaway program. In other words, all the new industries relocating here and all the associated jobs predicted by the GOP officials have not materialized. Therefore, there are jobs available to a higher number of applicants and lots of jobs are part-time, minimum wage jobs with no benefits. Hard to raise and feed a family on these types of jobs. I doubt a single parent or a military veteran returning home to his /her family and attempting to find a job could pay a babysitter on the low wages.

Considering Jesus directed us to take care of the poor and assist the needy, where is the outrage of the moral Christian right wing on this matter? Or is "moral Christian right" an oxymoron?

I have gone through life bragging of my Kansas values, i.e. Kansans help out and help up our neighbors in need. But I fear I do not know Kansas values anymore. This state has lost its soul to leaders and electorate who's vision of society does not extend beyond their own wallet.

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Kansas' U.S. House delegation supports bill providing government funding but defunding health law

I still cannot comprehend why the Republicans are so diligently fighting against instituting a health care law that was initially a Republican idea??? And I am still awaiting to see the alternatives to Obamacare that Republicans have been tooting their horns about.

In the meantime prior to the Oct. 1 deadline to shut down the government, all you legislators can go line up and get your free physicals.

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KU journalism professor placed on leave as school reviews Twitter comments on shootings

So a guy who uses his First Amendment Freedom of Speech right - though his comments were very much over-the-top and mean-spirited - is now being punished and targeted by those who so value their Second Amendment rights?

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KDOT says new traffic signal a go

Ain't that great!!!??? A convenience gas station and liquor store get a stoplight but the ambulance, post office and a connecting road to County Road 5 do not???

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‘A great success’: Sporting KC winning over fans by listening to them

Every family should make it a point to get to a Sporting KC game at their beautiful stadium. Not a bad seat in the house!!! And, even if unfamiliar with the sport of soccer, I think you will be impressed with the speed of the game and the athleticism of the players. Plus, top it off with fans that dress in costumes, wave flags, beat drums, chant and sing and it all adds up to a memorable evening. A great family environment!!!

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Brownback’s office says he will release judical applicants’ names, then backs off statement

Adopting the law to give the governor (emperor) powers to influence the judicial wing of the government was a BAD idea in the first place from a policy point of view and the governor is showing one reason why with his actions of hiding what used to be an open process. What's the deal??? Are the Koch Brothers and the AFP working a deal to buy a judgeship???

The emperor has no clothes!!!

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Brownback running for re-election

OMG!!! This guy and his army of elected orcs are driving this state off a cliff with their delusional economics, mean-spirited attitudes to anyone of the middle and lower classes, contrary thinking toward anyone who supports education, public safety, good business/policy practices and their consistent support for special interests!!!

OMG!!! The elected majority brags about their tax cuts which really are tax shifts with more burden on the middle class. They brag about all the new businesses that will come here due to the income tax giveaways but where are the new businesses and where are the educated members of the work force that will serve these industries???

OMG!!! The elected majority brags about its legislative accomplishments which will likely cause the expenditures of hundreds of thousands of state monies defending adopted state laws that will be proven to be unconstitutional.

OMG!!! This guy and his army of elected orcs will likely get re-elected in spite of the last two legislative years of laughable work product that will negatively impact this state for years to come!!!

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U.S. 24-40 intersection talks continue to heat up

I concur with the comment - NO Brainer!!! Don't let the tail wag the dog!!! If the city decides to take other option(s) and disregard funding opportunity for KDOT funds, perhaps a special assessment district should be formed to cover the city's costs for the selected option(s). This would greatly reduce the taxation burden of the majority of city taxpayers.

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Leavenworth County undersheriff reflects on long career

Mr. Cranor - you have served well, with dignity and integrity and always could be trusted to mean what you said. And you sure could say some straight-to-the-point statements. HA. I wish you and Barb the best in your retirement and I offer nothing but compliments to a true American who made contributions to his city, county and state. Take some time to look back on your career and pat yourself on the back for what you offered to us all.

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24-40 traffic improvement options laid out

Regarding traffic concerns on the highway, let's not lose sight of the big picture - moving 15,000 cars a day along the troubling intersections in efficient and safe manner. Lowering speed limits to a crawl and/or installing two traffic lights on a highway designed for higher speeds would be counter to these motives. Let engineers study and recommend traffic control measures - not politicians. If KDOT will fund road improvements only asking for some design funds from the city, this option appears to be the no-brainer option for local taxpayers and those who use the highway now and in the future. Don't let the tail wag the dog.

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