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Holland: A new session

Me thinks we Kansans are lab rats in a grand experiment of tea party economic desires led by Grand Wizard Brownback and his legislative horde of orcs who will allow services to be ravaged, local taxes to rise, education to diminish in quality and infrastructure to decay in our race to the bottom to "be like Texas". Meanwhile, the rich will get richer. Does anybody really belief the mad rush of new industries, businesses and hundreds of thousands of new jobs will really happen in the next few years? If so, you get what you deserve for being so gullible and/or faithful to the political rhetoric of those you elected - higher property taxes, losses of tax deductions, losses of safety net programs, good state programs sinking to levels of mediocrity or worse. Yea - let's be like Texas.

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Two-vehicle accident in Tonganoxie sends one person to hospital

Records are kept by KDOT and recent inquiries show this intersection is the most dangerous in the highway corridor within city limits. Speed limits were recently reduced but it will not totally prevent human errors in judgment at this intersection.

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Flower not running for re-election to Leavenworth County Commission

Thank you for your years of public service, John. You were a moderate seeking to get things done even if the issues and solutions were complicated. You made moves to go forward rather than stalemating government or throwing any special interest group under the bus.

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Brownback calls barber bill an economic burden

Let's not over-regulate barbers!!! Let's settle for disregard for public health & safety instead. (That sound you hear in the background is the rest of the nation laughing at us.) The emperor has no clothes.

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Tonganoxie Board of Zoning Appeals find code enforcer right in letter to church

Let's make this real simple....How many households in Tongie would like to have a flashing electronic sign across the street from them or on their block visible from windows in your home? It is not so much the sign as it is the zoning that protects areas of town from unfit uses or intrusions into neighborhood quality.

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Brownback's CITO resigns amid controversy over resume

The Emporer has no clothes!!!

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