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Tonganoxie Middle School student hit by SUV in fair condition at Children's Mercy

All of your comments are proof of the ignorance I speak of. So far you have done nothing but start a rumor and put words in my mouth. Of course no one deserves to be hit by a car. As an open minded person I just choose to hear both sides and look at all aspects of the situation. I am sorry you are uncomfortable with hearing the facts of this situation and yes believe or not this child has some accountability. I also believe that this school should have never been built where its at without all the amenities of safety needed. Just maybe these mothers should use their power of mouth and get to work on forming a city wide push for better safety to and from that school and that ridiculous mess they call a cross walk at the THS. Thank You

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Tonganoxie Middle School student hit by SUV in fair condition at Children's Mercy

Oh small towns... Stop the rumors there were tons of witnesses and there was no texting or phone use just a mother picking up her child. Most of all the witnesses were bus drivers due to the fact that she was in fact walking down the access road were the students are REPEATEDLY told not to be and are actually reported if seen down there. This child had no reason being down there knowing where she lives. Lessons sometimes have to be learned in the worst of ways I can promise you this girl will never be on that access road again trying to take the short cut home and she will always look both ways from now on. I would just like to add that these rumors and harsh talking about the driver need to stop, if you don't know both sides of the story don't choose one based on the socially preferred ("STUDENT HIT!" "OH driver must have been speeding, texting, or not paying attention!"). I personally feel terrible if I just hit a rabbit let alone a child. I can't imagine how this mother feels and I am sure she is beating herself up about it and your rumors and accusations aren't helping! I agree with the above comment about the children have some accountability for their actions especially at 10 years old if they can use iphones, facebook, and ipods they sure should be able to atleast look both ways and use a crosswalk!! I sure hope for this little girls healing and being able to get back to school soon but I also hope for this mother's ability to cope and ability to ignore the ignorance of small town talking mothers. Good luck Allyson and Lisa!!

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