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You are an embarrassment to yourself and this community. By comparing Dr. Erickson with the BTK killer, you have lost all credibility.

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Board hires from within for top post

I want to congratulate Mr. Hayden and wish him the best of luck. He is a brave man taking over as superintendent at a time like this, working for a school board that has shown exactly how they treat those that fall out of their good graces. Hopefully the board has had enough blood to satisfy their need for revenge, at least for a year or two. Better yet, maybe come April, the people in this community will help elect board members who care less about personal revenge, and more about making this a better district.
I don't know Mr. Hayden, but I hope to have that privilege soon. My only advice at this time is walk carefully, watch your back, do what you're told, and perhaps the school board will let you stay for a while. At least no board members are campaigning on a platform of getting the superintendent fired this year.

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