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Remembering Bo

Bo and Ona welcomed my late wife and I to Tonganoxie in the 50s. Great Kansans, great Americans, always willing to help, always humble in all that they did. Will miss you old friend. Wish I could have made it to your funeral. My deepest sympathies to the family.

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Committee likely to recommend no additional funding for Leavenworth County animal control

So nonbeliever, when and where do we draw the line on compassion? Mosquitoes or what about roaches? Rats and mice? A feral cat or a wild dog is a menace; it should be destroyed by the cheapest, quickest, easiest method.

Soon we'll have to call animal control to remove a mouse from the basement. Mouse traps are so inhumane, sometimes not killing the mouse but instead maiming it. The mouse should be captured, taken to a shelter, provided veterinarian care and slowly released back into the wild. Or perhaps the home declared a mouse sanctuary, move the owners out to receive state housing and assistance while the mice enjoy their habitat.

We should stop eating beef, pork and poultry and subsist solely on tofu and vegetables.

Or...I'll just have my bloody rare steak after a day on the farm and if I see a stray dog or feral cat, what the county don't know, won't hurt them.

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Committee likely to recommend no additional funding for Leavenworth County animal control

Animal control is handled locally. If a stray dog or feral cat was a bother we would shoot them. Saved the county a lot of money and resources not having to round up, care for, feed, shelter and adopt out unwanted nuisance animals. Still think that feral cats should be considered vermin and shot on sight. They kill millions of song birds every year. We used to handle it just fine.

Good for the commission for standing up against the county animal rights activist. We don't need to spend money on a dead-issue.

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Do you agree with the proposed Kansas Preservation of Religious Freedom Act?

Could it just as easily be defined as discrimination by gays against traditional Christian beliefs. We hear in the media today that the rights of gays are being denied when in fact they have the same rights, the same opportunities as everyone else. Christian beliefs have been the bedrock of our nations culture and values. The constitution merely states that the federal government shall not establish a national religion. No where is freedom from religion a guiding principle or constitutional requirement. The statement that people stand behind that is unconstitutional in its belief is "freedom from religion". To have such a system would infringe upon the inalienable right of freedom of speech. But the progressive doesn't much care about individual rights.

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House gives preliminary OK to bill that supporters say preserves religious freedom, but opponents say allows discrimination

Media bias again by Scott Rothschild. He calls it discrimination against gays. Could it just as easily be discrimination by gays against traditional Christian beliefs? Why does the story lead off with an editorial sentence. It then makes it an editorial and no longer a story.

I'm in my late years with a few months left, I'm in a nursing home now and wish I could fight this culture war, I do hope we have Americans still willing to fight for values, principles and morals. I've read the yellow journalism regarding the case in Florida and the rush by the media to condemn a man before his due process is availed in our justice system. Why is the media so bent on destroying the America that has stood for 235 years. Change is not always good, particularly when freedoms are sacrificed in the name of "progress".

The Journal World is still my newspaper of choice, I won't buy a Kansas City Red Star paper, but the Journal World is not winning new customers with its clearly progressive bias. Please get back to just reporting the news, not editorializing it with ideological jargon and sound bites.

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It's over: Box's resignation ends council standoff, leaves Basehor with 2 elected officials

Fred's a good man, it is a shame that this became a circus. Good luck Fred.

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Legislators expecting fights on major issues

This story reads like a pro democratic party editorial? Is it? Or is it supposed to be news? I don't get it, what happened to reporting the news in an unbiased manner? I've been on this earth too long I guess.

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Brownback favors Leavenworth County being its own Kansas Senate district, chief of staff says

Leavenworth county needs local senate representation. I'm tired of only seeing Holland and Kultala around election year and thats all.

Email the governor: governor@ks.gov

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State Sen. Holland visiting Basehor Community Library

Must be election time, the Senator decided to come up to Leavenworth County for his "campaign" visit. Funny that we see him every three years, no more and no less. We should all be writing letters to our Governor and Representatives to give Leavenworth County its own Senator instead of dividing us up into two districts. governor@ks.gov

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Council votes to move Tonganoxie Police Department across street amid basement issues

We better not send them out on patrol when the pollen count gets too high. It boils down to dramatics, the acting club came up with a scheme to force the council to do something. If we can't trust our police, we should perhaps trust our sheriff.

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