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Council votes to move Tonganoxie Police Department across street amid basement issues

Solution: Disband our police department and enter into an agreement with the Leavenworth County Sheriffs Department to assume police activities in the city of Tonganoxie. The Sheriffs department could add an additional ten officers to meet the needs of our town. No infrastructure required. Works in Riley County.

I remember back 50 years ago we lost half the town to mold....wait that didn't happen cause mold has only been around for the last 10 years....NO? Then we're making a mountain out of a mold hill. The worst thing to happen out of this fiasco is now criminals know to spray mold dust at our mold sensitive officers to escape. A little mold is nothin, get over it.

I shouldn't harangue the police, I no longer live in Tonganoxie, the cops can visit me at the Homestead of Lenexa. Better hurry though, you only have about six months before I get away.

Think about it though, one lieutenant, two sergeants and seven deputies working shifts in Tonganoxie to provide the same coverage. We put prisoners in the county jail already, we use the county for special teams and investigators, why not let the county run this too.

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Sen. Holland stopping at Tonganoxie Public Library

There must be a blue moon out this week? Holland is as welcome as a polecat on a hot august night.

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TPD search moves forward

Jumairs, you articulated a thoughtful response, but you did not justify the need to continue to fund a police department when an alternative is much more viable. I do not disagree that our public servants are doing a good job. However, there wants do not necessarily translate into community needs. As I've said before, we may be better served with a cooperative agreement with the county of Leavenworth to provide us with emergency services. We already do with ambulance and paramedic support, we do with some law enforcement functions. Why not look into the feasibility of furthering that cooperation to include all law enforcement duties. I believe Riley County has an efficient system of county law enforcement working for them.

I do not see an issue if our department stays in its current location for two or three more years. We have other options, will the school district attempt to pass another bond to replace the elementary school? What about that building to consolidate police, city, and rec-commission offices? I've heard the county annex is looking to expand, maybe they could locate there as well. These would keep the downtown alive and viable.

I am concerned that our current council is too ready to spend money that we on retirement and fixed income can ill afford. I'm not against progress and growth, but I am against growth for the sake of hope. If we have a need then build it, if we hope we'll have a need, then it is a want. Right now we need to be smarter.

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Leavenworth County Commission agenda: week of Jan. 30

I don't see on the agenda any mention of reducing the salaries of the commissioners. I just don't understand how they can take money for doing a part time job, a job that they just hired an administrator to do. Telefson started this mess and now we're stuck with it. Flowers, don't run for re-election, please.

Fifty years ago we'd have warmed up the tar and gathered a couple of down pillows to take care of these carpet baggers. Makes me sick to think of the hard work our county has done over the past half century and in the past 10 years it has plummeted.

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TPD search moves forward

We have an empty industrial site north of town, we have a million dollar property south of town that needs a lot of development, we have a downtown suffering flight, we have businesses closing weekly, and the Chief wants new facilities. For what?

When are the politicians going to get it that in these tough times the tax payers (aka voters) do not want government growth at any level, local, county, state or federal. Look at the county, they hired an administrator to do the job we pay our commissioners to do. The school district tried to pass a bond to build a new elementary school, administration building and Taj Mahal for the high school. The voters told the district NO, the county commissioners are probably in trouble at their reelection, and now we have to look at the progressive record of Truedell, Ward, Donnelly, and Gilner to decide if their progressive values are what we need in conservative Tonganoxie.

Solution: Disband our police department and enter into an agreement with the Leavenworth County Sheriffs Department to assume police activities in the city of Tonganoxie. The Sheriffs department could add an additional ten officers to meet the needs of our town.

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Yanez remains at City Hall with Bard's medical leave

Mr. Yanez,
Thank you for being a humble servant. Wish you were staying on full time.

God Speed,

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Man who allegedly threatened Tonganoxie High School principal had gun when arrested

"Well hello pot, my names kettle. Nice to meet you. Bitter lately? See, I can bring myself to have the same attitude that you do. Fortunately for those I come in contact with, rarely do I have to do it."

Now you're being honest, that is a start. You should be honest all the time and it won't be such a rarity.

God Bless and go to Mass today.

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Tonganoxie Board of Zoning Appeals find code enforcer right in letter to church

How many households in Tongie would like to live on 24-40 highway 30 feet from the roadway. If you bought a house right next to a major US highway then you should probably expect some noise and flashing lights.

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City of Tonganoxie cites West Haven Baptist Church's new sign for code violation

@acc74, I recommend you google the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading course. It might help to overcome your slow reading.

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Man who allegedly threatened Tonganoxie High School principal had gun when arrested

It's your fault. You coddled and befriended your child instead of loving her. Love means being a parent first, not her best friend. Discipline and standards make for a healthy, independent, self aware and capable offspring. Your child by your own admission has not been prepared for life in the real world. You failed by some accounts.

You're a bully and won't even admit it. You condemn my beliefs, belittle my opinion, and call me out for what you're doing. Do you not see your hypocricy? You just elevated your cultural values above mine because you believe mine to be antiquated. By what right? My generation did not have rampant child molestation, drug use, public welfare and unpatriotic undertones. My generation worships God, is proud to serve, and takes personal responsibility serious. In a sense you could say I failed, not me individually but my generation failed to pass on Christian values to your generation in satisfactory numbers to prevent the current moral crisis in America.

Let me sum it all up for you in a manner your generation can understand: It's not your fault, you're great, you should get a medal. Don't work too hard, you're entitled to all the good things in life others can give you. Don't be convicted by conscience that what your doing is against Gods law or natural law. Reward yourself with whatever you want, you're worth it. It's not fair that others have it too easy, it should be easy for all.

I'm talking to a tree stump, aint I?

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