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KDOT says new traffic signal a go

Thank you, council members.

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Tonganoxie soccer scores late against BLHS for 1st 'W'

Good win!

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

I stand behind every word that I have posted here. I would gladly speak with any of you in person about my experiences; not to argue the point with you, just to inform you of what I witnessed. I have not hidden behind an anonymous screen name; you all know who I am. I believe in transparency when possible. I guess that was my mistake. For those of you that called the board office today, you win. I am done with this internet discussion after this.

When I look back on my life from my death bed, this won't be something I focus on for long. Coach Elston will not be able to say that. I was just trying to give my perspective to the attacks on his character. Once upon a time people would take their complaints to the source, not try to get someone in trouble because they don’t agree... I am not talking about Elston now. I don't really want to know who is behind these screen names, most of you are townspeople and I like waving and being cordial with my neighbors. You know who you are, I don't. But, that is okay. I know who I am, and that is much more important. I have not attacked any of you, have tried to be respectful, and have tried to be rational. I was raised to do what was right, and felt that my experiences needed to be shared. They have been... Let’s move on and let these kids have as close to a normal season as they can at this point.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

I take your comments pretty personal here... Our players are NEVER physically put in harm's way due to ignoring an injury that is reported to me. Player safety is one area that I have, and will continue to be, vigilant with. I have had MANY private conversations with coaches both here and elsewhere that didn't end very cordially, but the player's safety and health were always paramount!

I was part of the push to make the concussion guidelines into legislation here in Kansas last year. Your claim that a concussion wasn't handled correctly in Tonganoxie on my watch is false.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

I had seen Coach Elston try many different approaches with this particular kid about his actions. He tried the softer methods first, they didn't work. I don't care who you are or what you do, you don't just turn the dial up to ten right off the bat... well, you don't if you want to keep your job for very long. Coach Elston was here for 12 years... many of you posting here weren't around to see how he truly handled the kids on a daily basis. I am a parent, I will fight tooth and nail to protect my kids, but I also know that sometimes... well sometimes, I am not getting "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth," from them.

Society has shifted from "Quitters never win, and winners never quit," to "The world owes me!" Yes, he did make it hard on kids that wanted to quit. But, look at our society. It is entirely too commonplace for people to quit anymore. No one works for anything... divorces are the norm instead of the exception, we live in a welfare state because it is beneath some people to work at a low level, blue collar job, everyone has a sense of entitlement.

I guess I think it is okay to teach a kid that he/she needs to work for things. Sometimes life isn't fair. Taking the easy way out is usually a bad decision. And, no one owes you anything. At least I hope my kids learn those lessons before they get to the "real world" where no one cares about their feelings and they are suddenly held responsible for their own actions. I imagine that none of you get a blue ribbon just because you clock in on time everyday...

I probably shouldn't be posting about this subject at all, but I think it was the right thing to do. I did not mean to offend anyone with my comments if I did. But, there were some posts made by some pretty bitter and angry people that just don't accurately reflect what I have seen on a daily basis over the last six years. As I said, I may have missed some things, but I also have seen a lot more than many of you have concerning his day-to-day dealings with our students.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

"I am glad that my kids go to a different district or else I would have probaly been in jail by now." Kinda limits your credibility when discussing using restraint to deal with a situation like this one...

Coach Elston is a passionate coach, no doubt about it. He is emotional. He is proud. He is most importantly an advocate for his kids. He is also, like all of us taking the time to post here, not perfect. However, he got more talent out of a kid than they realized they even had the potential for. I don't know how many seasons I thought to myself, "This may be a very long season!" And, somehow he managed to get those kids to pull together and win games they had no business winning on paper. These last few seasons, the ones everyone is focused on, those kids never gave up and stopped fighting. Pretty amazing when you are constantly losing and the bleachers are all but empty towards the end of the season.

Before becoming an athletic trainer I too coached. I coached everything from junior high to NAIA. I worked with many different coaches. Since becoming an AT I have observed coaches from all levels of competition. Coaches all have unique styles and different approaches in their bag of tricks. And, kids respond to many different things. Some kids need to have their egos stroked, some kids only respond to a more aggressive coaching style. I never felt I needed to step in, or blow the whistle, because he was out of line. I am not there for every minute of contact with the students, I take care of the other sports as well, but I am there for a majority of them.

--Continued due to length--

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Not much trust and faith in our young adults? Give them a chance, they just might surprise you when they aren't coddled and told they are "just children".

"The idea of not dealing with this situation now because it would be hard on the rest of the staff is weak at best." That isn't at all what I said. Player safety, not coaches' comfort, was my focus.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

I was. I was checking on the QB and didn't see any physical contact. What I heard and saw after checking on him was nothing over the top.

I have heard that the player's family is not upset about how it was handled. As a parent, I wouldn't have been either. But, it is all moot now.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Maybe, but I don't know that and neither do you. The group could have shown up and said, "Please, for the love of God, fire him!" But, they didn't. They didn't have to show up to support him either.

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Tonganoxie football coach Mark Elston resigns

Parents should listen to the children more. Forty-one of the team showed up this morning before school to show their support, unsolicited by the coaching staff; doesn't sound like a coach that has lost his team to me.

When I was in high school we had some vocal parents that couldn't stand their kids weren't All-Americans and needed someone to blame. My hometown ran off a great coach and lost two excellent teachers in the process. (Sorry Mr. and Mrs. B.) I am not saying this is the case here, but it could be...

No one is perfect, and no one has all the facts... myself included. Let's not be too quick here. I fear more harm than good might come of this untimely staff change. The biggest losers in this will be the kids, and that is unacceptable to me. The only thing that matters right now is this group of kids, and I think they made their wishes pretty clear this morning.

I am close to the program as the athletic trainer, I am a teacher in the school, I know that will make this appear biased, and maybe it is. But, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here. What do you think is REALLY best for our kids? A three man coaching staff that will struggle to supervise all of our student-athletes? A new hire that isn't familiar with our kids and their abilities just before the first game? This isn't the time for a change of this magnitude.

I am looking at this purely from a player safety standpoint... Makes more sense to me to only be short one coach, not two. None of us can make this decision, it is up to the administration.

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