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Bond opposition ready for revised plan

"My solution: Let's go ahead and spend the $26 million dollars and pay the loan off over 12 years, the time it takes a 1'st grader to graduate from high school, put the money in an interest-bearing account and use 100% of the money in the classrooms of our district over that 12 years."

That isn't legal. Many of the people that voted against the bond issue don't understand school finance laws. Money from a bond issue must be used for facilities.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: School bond issue soundly defeated; Peak, Bixby elected to council; Becker to join school board

If there is a five year wait on another attempt it will never pass. All of the yes voters will have moved to a town that cares about their schools.

Although, I guess that is one answer to the overcrowding issue. Just wait until people start moving out of Tonganoxie and take those pesky kids with them, problem solved! And, then we wouldn't really have to build any new facilities, we could just buy up a block of vacant businesses downtown to boot! Plus our property taxes will be so much lower when the values drop out from under us when the banks start selling all their foreclosures for pennies on the dollar.

No, the turn around time on the next bond issue should be next year, and if needed, the year after that, and the one after that one, until Tonganoxie's elementary building is no longer a detriment to our town.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

I accept your reason for voting against this bond issue, it is valid and responsible. However, I don't think that this was the same line of reasoning that all 1,110 other people used yesterday.

I looked at the fact that this bond issue did more good than harm; and the plan, when compared to the likely situation of a future re-draft, was going to cost, worst case scenario, about the same amount. It doesn't make sense to me to vote this down. Same money, maybe less, and more improvements to the district. I hope that you guys are right and we get this elementary school for a pittance... but, we just lost the state aid and costs are going to go up. I think we just cut off our nose to spite our face.

Will I vote for the next bond issue that raises my taxes the same amount but doesn't improve the district as much? You bet! Because the most important thing is improving that elementary school.

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ELECTION CENTRAL: School bond issue soundly defeated; Peak, Bixby elected to council; Becker to join school board

That "us vs. them", party politics, mentality is what is wrong with the system. Democrats aren't going to ruin society. Republicans aren't going to either. But, that aisle down the middle of the room may be the culprit. Who cares what letter is in the parenthesis after a person's name? Maybe if we started listening to each other’s ideas and tried to work together for once something might get accomplished, and maybe we would right the ship before it is too far off course.

That being said, I am many things: a parent, a husband, a son, an educator, an athletic trainer, a failed business owner, a gun owner, a Capitalist, a Christian... I am not what you are conjuring up when you say "liberal" like it is a curse word. I like to think of myself as a moderate, but in reality I lean a little to the right. I am registered as a Republican, but that is because when I was 18 and registering, the lady behind the desk asked me if I wanted to declare a party. I told her I hadn't thought about it, and she asked me if I wanted her to mark Republican. I just wanted to get back to school for practice, and told her that was fine. I don't care enough about labels to go and change that to Independent now, but maybe I will one day.

This had nothing to do with wanting a new toy, or free reign with millions of dollars, or any of the other excuses I have heard. (I am very aware of the fact I said, "excuses" not "reasons".) Most of those 1,111 "no" votes have no clue what that elementary school is really like. Many of the people I talked to over the last few days had no real idea what the bond issue was about. Most of the problems with the high school addition revolved around a "covered walkway"... it was a covered walkway, they were right, but it preferred to be called a hallway since it had new, up-to-date science labs and a media center attached to it.

It seemed that the vast majority of opposition stopped listening when they heard that it was going to cost them money. They didn't take the time to really research it. Again, this is based on my informal conversations with people that commented on my "Vote Yes" button I wore. Most people were less reserved after learning about THIS bond issue and ignoring the LAST bond issue. I do hope that we get out there and try "to sell it to the voters," I hope we do a better job, and I hope we do it soon!

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ELECTION CENTRAL: School bond issue soundly defeated; Peak, Bixby elected to council; Becker to join school board

I have been unable to sleep thinking about this vote. I too am disappointed. We will now be paying more money for less facilities. Something must be done about that elementary school, and it must be done soon. We just threw away a great chance to pick up some state aid and get more for our money.

The one thing that makes me as a parent breathe a little easier is knowing that we have a stable full of quality, professional, educators that will figure out a way to keep doing their jobs. Unfortunately, the city has just made them work that much harder to keep our kids even with the other area students. I also know they will keep our students as safe as they can, and I hope we stay out of the media until we wake up and make these schools secure.

Our local economy won't be getting a shot in the arm from new, young, upward moble families moving to town. We will still continue to grow, but not as fast, and with less professionals. Our property values are all going to remain where they are, but hey, at least our taxes will too. I agree with Indian, we just took a step backwards. I still love this community, but this is the first time I have felt that we as citizens have made a mistake. I hope we don't repeat it with the next bond issue, and I hope that issue is brought up soon.

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Signs of opposition

Well, it has happened. Someone finally stole my "Vote Yes" sign out of my yard. I would like to say that I am surprised. I witnessed some kids carrying one out a little late Saturday night over here in the Stone Creek addition. I circled around and did another drive by. There were some adults out enjoying the weather on their driveway. I couldn't be certain that they were from the same group, but they were loitering and not in any hurry to slip away into the night. It sickens me that parents my have encouraged, or at least turned a blind eye to, this theft.

Please, return my yard sign.

Thank you,
Mark Padfield

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Will you be voting in the April 5 election?

The schools don't need upgraded? The elementary school is nearly 200 kids over capacity and in horrible shape. It most certainly DOES need upgraded.

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Supporters say growth necessitates bond issue

Sorry, typed that on my phone... Should be “Conestoga” not “Ticonderoga.” Not really germane to the discussion, but it will bother me if I don't correct it.

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Supporters say growth necessitates bond issue

I will vote for it, and I also know people who will. When is the time? Yes, the economy is still rough. Believe me, I know all about that! But, the necessities still need to be taken care of.

Last year, my daughter came home from school with headaches, and her kindergarten class had to leave their classroom after a wall had filled with water and mold over the years. Have you seen the condition of our elementary school? We have classes taught in hallways for crying out loud! That building needs major improvements!

How are we going to attract anyone to move to town when we have outdated facilities? We won't. The young families looking to move out of the city will not settle in Tonganoxie once they see that elementary school. Couple this with the state cutting the funds per pupil yet again, and you should be able to see how we are hamstringing ourselves. Eventually, we will end up taking any students we can get, and those are going to be the students that have not been successful in other area schools.

Our mill rate is currently lower than the surrounding areas. The state will kick in some funds if we pass this in April, but if we don't those funds will likely dry up. So, if this doesn’t pass we will be digging deeper into our pockets on the next go around. And, there will be a next go around.

This isn't about wanting something new and shiny, this is about doing what is right and taking care of our kids. If your kid outgrows his or her shoes, you buy them a new pair. If they fall apart due to age, you buy a new pair. If there is a shoe sale going on and you need shoes, makes sense to buy them before they go back to full price. Or, we can just put gunnysacks on our kids‘ feet; after all, it was good enough for us in the past!

I understand that there were some problems with the last bond issue, but this is a new architect and a new administration. Just because you bought a bad car once doesn’t mean you go back to using a Ticonderoga wagon to get to the store. You do your research, you ask questions, and you find someone you trust to buy from the next time.

I am not trying to upset anyone here, but we NEED to do something about that elementary school. I have stared at these words and re-read them many times as I tried to decide whether to delete it or post it. Yes, I am a teacher in the district, so is my wife, we chose to live in town, and my kids will both be in the school district… those first two have nothing to do with this post. But, you better believe, that last part has EVERYTHING to do with it! I want my kids to have the best education that they can, I want them to develop a love of learning, I want them to have some community pride, and I will gladly pay the roughly $10 a month to help ensure their future success.

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Letter: Concerns about fitness club closing in Tonganoxie

Ms. Porter,

I cannot control what numbers are up at the location any more. However, the numbers listed were for the few members that were paying monthly through ABC Financial. The vast majority of my our members had switched to paying monthly at the club. All longer term, pre-paid memberships will be honored by the new owners. I have provided them a list of the seventeen members in your situation; seventeen out of over five hundred memberships.

I wish you had taken the time to contact me personally instead of writing a letter to the editor; my number is in the phone book. Anyway, I hope that the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction, if not please call me and we'll see what we can do to correct it. Thank you for your support over the years. I am truly sorry we were forced to close our doors and end things the way we did.

Mark Padfield

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