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ELECTION CENTRAL: USD 464 bond issue fails by about 100 shy of 2-to-1 margin

Artichokes - Thank you so much for stating your opinion. I could not agree with you more. I am so very tired of being told that I am uneducated, uncaring for future of Tonganoxie youth, and have no clue to what is going on in the communiity because of my oppositon to the bond issue. Yes, I do have a college education, children in the school district, and have lived in the community over 10 years ... and yes I still opposed the bond issue. However, I , like everyone else only have one vote. No one should be belittled because of voting their choice.

I applaude all that voted, regardless of their positon on the bond issue. I find it very sad, especially in these times of a poor ecomony and large government, that people due not take the initive or time to vote their opinion. It only goes to prove the statement the that the major issue facing all governments is not the opposition as much as it is the apathy of its citizens.

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Traffic study finds new streets not needed for intermediate school

I think that the majority of the people who are opposed to the bond issue realize that something needs to be done about the overcrowding of the schools. However, you cannot convince me that there is not a better solution that cost less than 29.6 million dollars. We are still paying on the prior bond issue and the swimming pool. And from what I have heard there is a strong possibility that the school board will approach again in 2014 for another bond issue. Yes something needs to be done, however, teaching our kids fiscal responsibility should also be considered as well. I feel that the school needs to go back and strongly focus on doing more for less.

To the people who reply that it is only an additional $12/mo... My response is that it is still my $12 and that it is not just going to end up being an additional $12. There are other costs to be concerned with. Plus if you are a family living on one income, unemployed, or a fixed income $12+ per month is a large expenditure.

I have two children, one that attends Tongie schools and one that currently does not. The child that has attended various schools though out the years, due to special needs, no longer attends Tongie schools. I have found that the schools that have benefited our family the most is not the local school district. And it was not due to the lack of space, but due to the quality of education. The schools that have benefited us are focus on the quality for all kids in education; many of their buildings were old and overcrowded as well. But the focus remained on the kids at all times. Not how much each child contributed to their bottom line.

Yes - overcrowding in Tongie Schools are an issue. And yes it needs to be address, but not at 29.6 million dollars.

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