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Sunday liquor to be on ballot

To: Jason2007 & kansasjayhawk:
If tax money going into the city coffers means nothing to you and you think that the liquor sales in town thru out the week is ok than your argument for morality and family values doesn't hold water. Apparently you don't care if people drink or not! (Morality and family values exist and should exist every day of the week.) Just don't interfere with persons ability to attend church on Sunday and direct their money into the church coffers.

Being able to keep a citizens sales in this town on Sunday is the issue. Not family values, morality or liquor store profits. There has been no push to stop liquor sales in town, not by the drink on premises or off premise purchases the other 6 days of the week. I haven't seen the churches creating an uproar when restaurants apply for city liquor licenses when those restaurants are located close to churches and schools.

You both believe that if people want to drink they can just spend their money elsewhere on Sunday. So purchasing alcohol on or off premises is not the problem. Thus no morality or family value problem there. Keeping sales out of our town on Sunday apparently makes you feel that this one day of being an example makes you a better Christian and than able to spout about morals and values ... I say it makes you appear more of a hypocrite.

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Petition sends liquor sales issue back to city council

jason 2007
If money doesn't mean anything to the Christians than why is TV evangelism so prevalent and collections such a large part of each organized church. And I know that you would answer that the collection of money goes to support the church. If that is so, than why are churches run "Tax Free". The need for city's to have a working capital of funds addresses the needs of the citizens. If you don't want tax dollars from alcohol going to the city, than perhaps the churches should contribute to the city and the citizens by paying an 8% portion of their collections to the city in the way of tax on their collections as liquor sales pay 8% of their intake to the state as liquor sales taxes which is than funneled back to the city's coffers.

And with the statement that Christians having been silent far too long on matters of morality, then perhaps the "Christians" would best apply their energies to addressing the hypocrisy of it's church members who consumer alcohol and other drugs and also gamble and then attend church and spout that they are Christians and cave into the church pressure on its congregations to at least give the appearance that they have better morals the next person.

I believe churches would better serve their city by addressing the needs of their own members with their problems and morality. From some of the signatures on the petition it is apparent that this is not being done. Churches should stop trying to fit people into "square pegs" to fit in your churches "square holes".

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Petition sends liquor sales issue back to city council

kansasjayhawk: You state " The state should not interfere in the matters of the church but the church should be an influence for good in our community." I say, that the reverse is also true. THE CHURCH SHOULD NOT INTERFERE IN THE MATTERS OF THE STATE. What other type of business in our community is discriminated against on Sunday other than liquor sales? All other types of business from offices, medical and veterinary services, food service industry, and retail/wholesale sales have the option of being open or closed on Sundays and holidays. Our food service businesses are allowed to sale liquor and beer by the drink to customers (who then proceed to drive home) but the average citizen, church going or not, is not allowed to keep his business in our local community and purchase a bottle of wine for a meal or a 6pack for the football game and drink it in the privacy of their own home?

And are you saying that because a citizen wishes to purchase alcohol on Sunday and keep their dollars in their own community that they are lacking in family values? You are than guilty of commiting to the premises that because a person consumes alcohol they have no family values. A rather broad, uninformed and prejudicial point of view. I've taught my children all of the family values such as honor, compassion, honesty, duty, charity, empathy, fairness, committment and responsibility for ones own actions among many others. I also taught them that IMPOSING my views on others is not the way to live ones life. We all have free will and you are making the assumption that being able to purchase alcohol on Sunday in our town will destroy our communities "family values". You must not think very highly of your communities citizens and there views and values if you think them so weak as to be corrupted so easily by making it more ecomincally sensible to have there purchasing power stay in their community

And yes the church should be an influence for good in the community. But your influence should not be used to subject your citizens to mental arm-twisting and guilt trips to discriminate against those who wish to consume alcohol in a sensible manner and keep there business AND TAX DOLLARS in their own community.

It still boils down to: If a person wishes to buy and consume alcohol on Sunday they will. They just can't keep there business in the city of Tonganoxie. Keep this in mind the next time you wish the city had more money in the city budget to pay for the items needed to be done in Tonganoixe but can't because the budget has been cut and there in not enough business tax revenue coming into the city coffers. Items such as infrastructure improvements, community and youth projects, tax or fee waivers to charity events, etc. I say again. IT IS A STATE MATTER AND NOT A CHURCH MATTER.

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