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Tonganoxie High School offering new ACT prep program

I think it is GREAT they are offering this additional tool for students to prep for the ACT. Kudos to the district for funding it.

Unfortunately, it's a little late for the Class of 2014. Many universities have scholarship deadlines in just a few short weeks. Hopefully, they'll utilize these tools to improve their scores for the private scholarships and other opportunities that are abundant this time of year. There needs to be a big push for the juniors to get involved with it now and sophomores starting in the spring. In reality, students should be taking it for the first time the beginning of their junior year so they have a solid score by - at the latest - the Sept test their Senior year. I believe a large number are probably surprised by their score the first go round. They also need to communicate that the 4.0 doesn't mean a lot in the grand scheme of scholarship dollars. Zip. You can have a 4.0 with a 21 ACT and it will not get you far in the scholarship race for money.

I hope to see more changes in the coming year or two in making sure our students are prepared for what is after high school - whether it's entering the work force, vocational school, community college or a 4 year university.

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