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Mirror invites readers to use #ihearttonganoxie on social media for Valentine's Day

I love the people of Tonganoxie. It's a safe place to live with great Churches, excellent Schools, hard working employees at Tonganoxie City Government, excellent Tonganoxie Police Department, caring Tonganoxie Fire Department and Business owners who invest in our community. Shop Local! #ihearttonganoxie

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For whom do you plan to vote in the Tonganoxie mayoral race?

I'd like to see how people would vote this weekend!

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Tonganoxie vigil pays tribute to 21-year-old killed in Thursday morning wreck

Our thoughts and prayers are with this young man, his family and friends! If you have any information please contact the Tonganoxie Police Department!

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Letter to the editor: Ban Yik Yak app

Thank you for you thoughts Mr. Schenz. I stand firm in this matter. Suicide is up. Suicide is a fact and it's sad. Instead of looking at things from your eyes, let's try to reach out to the community and look at it from the eyes of our victims. I don't understand how you can make the comparison between suicide and Law Enforcement Officers allegedly attacking minorities. That to me makes no sense at all. I do know that in 2012, 126 Law Enforcement Officers committed suicide and in the same year 129 lost their lives in the line of duty. Each and every life is important no matter how the statistics are collected and no matter how many victims there are, losing one life is too much. Being bullied by a person that you can not identify can make a victim feel very helpless. This Ap call Yik Yak is dangerous and already in the hands of children and teenagers who shouldn't be using it. Would you hand a child a loaded gun to play with? I don't think so! Evidently educating our children didn't stop bullying when I was a kid and it's not working these days either. Happy Holidays to you!

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Letter to the editor: Ban Yik Yak app

Have you read the bullying statistics? According to this article
83 percent of girls, and 79 percent of boys report being bullied either in school or online.
◾75 percent of school shootings have been linked to harassment and bullying against the shooter.
How can you hold a child accountable for their behavior if you can't prove who's behind the nasty, sexually explicit comments on Yik Yak? Have you visited this app? In a perfect world we would all be great responsible parents and our kids would be well behaved. In this world that is far from reality. Did you know that suicide among our children is up? I would think that to solve a problem it takes more than one solution. I'd start with banning this app and continue with your suggestion of continued education for parents and children alike. At least by giving people the facts about the problem, we can open up a dialog with others and our children.

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Tonganoxie council member, former administrator facing off in Leavenworth County Commission race

I agree. When a job needs to be filled, you look for the best qualified person. Take a look at who is most qualified to do the job. I agree with jumairs on this paticular comment. As to who's the best man for the job. Let them tell us.

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